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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - A running wall and little pink things

Several people have told me they tried to leave a comment on my blog but had trouble, so I set up a new commenting system that will hopefully work much better! Let me know if you still run into any problems leaving comments. BTW...I love your comments (hint, hint).

Maybe next Thursday my new commenting system will be one of the things I love. Let's hope!

This week, I'm loving my new Boston wall. I came home from girl's night on Tuesday, and Scott had done this. He bought the newspapers the morning after the marathon with this exact purpose in mind! It makes me smile every time I sit down at my desk and inspires me to never give up on my dreams.

I have always loved my little pink Forerunner 10, but I'm especially loving that I get to wear it on a regular basis again these days.

Kind of random, but I love Smarties. They were sitting on the desk next to my watch, so why not share my love of them with you?!?

What is your favorite non-chocolate candy?
What is an accomplishment you are most proud of, running or non-running related?




  1. My favorite non chocolate candy... anything fruity and chewy. I am a sugar fanatic.

  2. Being a good mom, being fit (my mom, aunts and grandma weren't), and running 3 half marathons...something I never thought I could do, and when I made the new years resolution sign with the goal of running my first half, I was scared to death! :) Favorite non chocolate candy...Red Vines.

  3. Red Vines, like Swedish Fish, are something everyone in my family loves except me!

    Those are incredible things to be proud of! You are amazing.

  4. Now I'm craving Starburst ;-)


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