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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: The Biatch 5K

I had to look up how to spell "biatch." It just seems like there should be a double "e" or something in there. Adding an "a" to the original word doesn't really change the "i" sound. However, the Urban Dictionary says that's how you spell it, so that's what I'm going with.

However, the actual use of the word I'm talking about here was not biatch. It was the real thing. Directed at me. While running. And all I did was glance at a truck parked in an unusual spot on the side of the road, which apparently had a female occupant behind its tinted windows. Said occupant decided to scream the aforementioned obscenity at me just after I was past the vehicle.

Never a dull moment as a runner. I've had a few honks and whistles in the past, but apparently women have a different opinion of me when I'm running than men do. I imagined some confrontation scenarios, which wasn't very satisfying. But I'm not a confrontational person, so I just kept running. And then I thought about something I just read in Running the Edge yesterday:
Running is hard enough all by itself. The drive-by taunters screaming, "Run Forrest!" as you measure the road one stride at a time do not have what it takes. The millions who know they should run or at least exercise a little to take care of their bodies don't have what it takes. They cannot get off their couches or out the door for more than three consecutive weeks following a New Year's resolution. They cannot climb the mountain.
Just in being a runner, you have already succeeded in doing something many cannot.

So take that you cranky old lady smoker chick in the beater truck on the side of the road. I have what it takes!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The I Have Run Fall TV Preview

I tell you, life around here is too exciting for words.

I broke out my boots today. The Princess lost her fourth tooth last night. And you would have thought my Bean had never seen rain before based on her excitement level this morning.

I know you are jealous of the glamorous life I live, but don't be a hater.

As far as my amazing running life, I got my first pre-race butterflies this morning when I was thinking about updating my iPod before the St. George Marathon, which is only 10 days away. I couldn't be happier about running in the fall temps lately and just hope they make their way south in the next 10 days!

Speaking of fall, the hubs and I decided not to watch TV for two weeks. I'm not sure we really thought that through before we committed to it since a lot of the fall TV season is starting this week. The New Girl season premier is tonight. And the Modern Family premiere is tomorrow. I'm not letting myself find out what else I'm missing this week. Thank goodness for the DVR. I just keep telling myself that means we'll have a lot of good shows to watch in two weeks.

And since this is a running blog, I of course have to give my two cents on television shows...

What I'm willing to give a try:

Nashville. The hubs and I decided Hayden Panettiere has become enough less annoying to give this one a go.
Go On. I'm already liking this one. Matthew Perry is just so likable. Different from lickable.

Shows we are catching up on, thanks to Netflix:

Mad Men. I think we're up to season four.
Homeland. Damian Lewis just rocks.

Shows I just don't understand:

Once Upon a Time. It just doesn't have any appeal. It's like a creepy kids show.
The Mindy Project. Maybe I'll be proven wrong.

How is it still on TV:

2 Broke Girls. I can say this because I watched the first several episodes last season. Ugh.
The Walking Dead. The zombies in the commercials just look ridiculous. Maybe because zombies are ridiculous.
Animal Practice. Seriously. I saw the first minute of an episode and turned it off.

Shows I would watch if I had more time:

The Voice
Boardwalk Empire
Raising Hope

There are a lot of shows on TV. Did you know that? I just went through the Fall TV preview in Entertainment Weekly, and it is insane how much stuff is on TV just in the evenings. Good thing I run or I would seriously become a couch potato!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Girls (the other ones) Causing a Stir ... and some runnerdness

The past week has been C-R-A-Z-Y! Life never seems to slow down. I was sure things would fall into a slower and easier routine once my girls went back to school, but there's always something happening to keep things interesting and keep me on my toes.

Last week the excitement resulted in my first mammogram. Don't be too jealous. However it wasn't nearly as bad as all the horror stories you hear. There is some considerable boob smashing, but they bounce right back and it is only a little uncomfortable.

I found a lump, which led to an appointment with my girly doc (aka gyno) and the scheduling of a mammogram and ultrasound. The lump ended up being a cyst surrounded by rigid breast tissue, so all is good. No more mammograms for a while unless I find something else.

I really wasn't worried and didn't want to worry anyone else, so I didn't tell anyone except my hubs. He is the one who insisted I get it checked out. And the two ladies who did the ultrasound said to tell him he is awesome to push me to get it checked. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So check your girls. And if anything ever changes or seems suspicious, get it checked.

I'll admit I'm not good about monthly self checks, but I'll probably be a little better about it now. I just found it by chance because my ta-tas had been a little sore so I was adjusting them in my bra and felt a hard spot on the one side.

Anyhow, that's the big excitement from last week. This week we're going for little less excitement. However I am in a constant state of runnerd happiness and excitement due to the Runnerd Photo-A-Day Challenge. I look forward to every single photo posted! If you aren't following along or participating (it's not too late), you are missing out. And not just because I finally got around to ordering the prizes that will go to several participants chosen by at the end of the challenge.

Here are just a few of my favorites so far:

You can follow @redheadrunning on Instagram or check out her blog HERE to see more of her awesome pics. I seriously can't wait for her to become Mrs. Spike! I absolutely adore this picture.

This one is by @enjoyingthecourse. Her pics are a lot of fun! And her four-legged friend is irresistible. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter.
Janice is my amazing real life friend and an incredible runner. Her posts always make me smile. However this one made me laugh. It is perfect for her! Follow her on Twitter @janni329 or Instagram @run_far.
Follow @jillconyers on Twitter or Instagram. Her 3:03 plank made my abs hurt just thinking about it.
There are so many more I could post. I will post a few more of my favorites later. And I'll get you caught up on mine.
In the meantime, you can see more on Twitter with the runnerdphotoaday hashtag (#). Or on Instagram by searching for the runnerdphotoaday tag.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Your Runnerd is Showing

I am loving all the Runnerd photos out there! I get excited every time I get a new alert on my phone telling me a new photo has been posted or tweeted or shared. There are some amazing runnerds out there. And the creativity had been incredible.

I wish I could share so many of them. Hopefully I'll be able to share at least a few in the next day or so. First I have to figure out how to share other people's photos from Instagram. If you know how, let me know.

I am also going to post a list of runnerds participating, so if you are participating and don't want me to share your Instagram or Twitter name or Facebook page, let me know!

Here's my photo-a-day runnerdness from the past five days:

Day 1 - Time

Day 2 - Sweat

Day 3 - Up

Day 4 - Inspire

Day 5 - Kitchen

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