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You had me at pumpkin pie.

It's time to break out the maternity pants. And pass them around because Thanksgiving with all it yummy goodness is just days away and then it's full swing into Christmas. And the closer December 25th gets, the busier life seems to be. At least for me. This is what prompted one of my most recent internet searches. Because I am still only running every other day, I do a lot of ellipticizing and cycling. But there isn't always time to fit 45 or even 30 minutes into my day. And for some reason it is easier to find the time to run than do other kinds of cardio (wink-wink). Maybe that means I'm a runner. Anyhow...that search I was talking about was for workouts that don't take much time but that will make me feel like I really got my workout on and my heart pumping. Since I'm fairly sure I'm not the only busy person out there, I thought I'd save you the time of searching out some shorter but killer (aka effective, calorie torching) workouts and share

Darth Vadar, Tomato Soup, Running Tights and Other Randomness

It is officially running tights weather. I love the snow, but I hate being cold. I don't like tomatoes, but tomato soup is one of my favorite foods. Life is full of contradictions.  Just some randomness for your Thursday. Another thing you may not know about me... I don't mind getting up early, but I like some time to wake up before I have to invest in human interaction, especially conversation. This couldn't be more true: In other randomness, Scott turned on this station the other day: And it ABSOLUTELY rocks. My girls were in complete awe of my dance moves. I even busted out the moon walk for them. If you need a little pick-me-up, head over to Pandora and spend some time with MC Hammer radio. We spent some time last weekend  trying to figure out what to wear for our upcoming family pictures. Scott thought this was appropriate for the timing of the pictures: Hey, at least it would make coordination easy. You can't

Life should have more refunds.

So I have clearly been listening to Christmas music already. It happened occasionally in the weeks leading up to Halloween but became all I listen to once Halloween was officially (and thankfully) over. It's extra nice that two radio stations are already playing Christmas music 24/7! My question is...when can I start wearing my holiday/Christmas shirts? I got a new one the other day, and it is begging to be worn. I think I might need to order  this one  and add it to my collection as well! Which reminds me of this... And since we're on the subject of funny (but true) things I've seen this week, here's this #truth as well. I'm up to running 35 straight minutes, which usually ends up being a little over four miles. So I'm running between eight and twelve miles per week right now. Not the 40+ miles it once was. But I do have 40 minutes on tap for Saturday. However, my ankle felt a little off yesterday, so I'll be babying it today (lots of ice

It's basically Friday.

My girls don't have school tomorrow, so it feels like a Friday. And Fridays make me happy. Here are some other things that make me happy: That my girls, Super Girl and Rainbow Unicorn (from Inside Out), had an awesome Halloween. That this movie comes out this weekend. That I get to focus on all the things I'm thankful for a little extra this month. That this is true.