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It's a hard knock life

We only have two and a half weeks of summer left before my girls head back to school. That means we're running out of time to check things off on our summer fun list and on my summer not-so-fun list. Yesterday I forced my girls into child labor and made them help me clean the baseboards. There was plenty of complaining, but there was also Grace singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" to counter the complaints. My girls will start school just a few days before I (hopefully) can start doing cycling or pool running again. I have never been so excited to do either of those things. Ironically, I ordered a bike trainer just a few days before my running (and pretty much everything physical) came to a screeching halt. And it has been sitting in the box, unused, since it was delivered last week. I'm looking forward to breaking it out and putting it to use. In the meantime, I'm still plugging away at the strength training. Yesterday I did 35 minutes of upper body

Being injured is hard.

Being injured has been hard. I won't lie. And it is a completely different experience than when I had a tibial stress fracture just over a year ago. This time I can't go pool running, which saved my sanity last time. Not being able to get any real cardio of any kind is taking its toll, mentally and physically. I miss the endorphins. And finishing a workout feeling like I really pushed my body. Even the hardest strength workout barely causes me to break a sweat. I can't add any cardio bursts to kick things up a little because everything involves movement that uses my ankle, so it's hard to feel like I'm doing much when I basically have to stand in one spot the entire workout. I have been trying to focus on what I can do though. I have been working out, doing lower body strength that doesn't affect or hurt my ankle and really working on my core and upper body. I'm seeing small changes in my arms, and my core seems to be getting stronger. I'm als

Little Miss Sunshine on the Case

Since I've been injured and not running (or doing any real cardio of any kind), my mental state has not been the best. I decided that has to change. So Monday morning before I got out of bed, I read a great article about motherhood to motivate me to put my awesome mom hat on and to focus on something good and hit the day with a new attitude. I won't lie. I struggled off and on. I wasn't Mom-of-the-Year all day long. I also wasn't Little Miss Sunshine  all day long. But I did my best. And I reminded myself over and over to take things one day at a time. To stop wishing away the days. To make the most of the summer and the extra time I have with my girls and to focus on the things I can do right now. So in a effort to continue Operation Be Positive, here are some things I'm loving right now...and why: This Book The hubs surprised me and pre-ordered it so I got it in the mail the day it came out. I'll let you know more in detail what I think when I fi

Is today your lucky day?

If your name is Kim Rodela , today is your lucky day and you're the proud new owner of a customized training of your choice from Journal Menu ! Shoot me an email at to get your journal on its way! If you didn't win, you should still get one and make it your lucky day too! You can order one and save 15%  HERE .

When Life Gives You Lemons...

This became my newest accessory yesterday: Needless to say, yesterday was a rough day. Today I'm trying to pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward. Sadly, I won't be putting my running journal to use for a while, but that doesn't mean you can't! So be sure you enter to win a customized training journal of your own HERE or on my Instagram HERE . Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Three Things About Three Things

Three things I've learned about running injuries: There are no easy fixes. As much as I want there to be, sometimes having patience is the only thing I have control over when it comes to how long it takes to heal. Sometimes you can feel like you are doing everything right to prevent an injury, but you still end up with one. You can't compare yourself to others when it comes to injuries. Our bodies are all different and can handle different amounts of stress. Obviously mine can't handle as much running as I would like so I have to do other things and make the most of and enjoy the amount of running I CAN do. Three things I am loving lately: These 14 core exercises . I love my 8-minute abs, but it's always nice to mix things up.  These t-shirts . I am a jeans and t-shirt girl. When I find a soft, comfy shirt I love, I buy it in multiple colors. I have this one in at least five colors. Getting this little package in the mail every week or so. 

Pace charts, race planning, PRs and more. All in one place!

I hope your 4th was filled with family, fun, food and fireworks. With a little dash of friends to top it off. That pretty much sums up my weekend. We went to Park City, where we went swimming enough to turn my girls' hair green, ate enough food that I never had a chance to get hungry, rode the gondola lift over and over again like it was our favorite ride at Disneyland, went to see Inside Out so I could get in a good cry, and snuggled as a family during our down time. I also found out one of my friends, Caisa, who also happens to be a (amazing and super stinkin' fast) runner, was staying at the same resort we were, so we met up for a walk Sunday morning. I didn't run all weekend. In fact, I haven't run since Tuesday. I've been giving my ankle some time off in hopes that whatever is wrong with it will heal. My ankle still hurts, but I feel like it is on the mend, so I ventured out for a run this morning. It was tough but felt good overall. Not running last w

The ups and downs of a day.

When your ankle hurts and you took a rest day on Wednesday, doing "speed work" on the elliptical is better than nothing. Froyo with friend is even better when it is happy hour and you can get all-you-can-fit in your cup for $3.99. You know it has been a stressful week when you find yourself taking these. Cold sore meds. I only get cold sores when I am stressed or running a fever. I am not running a fever. When your name is never spelled right on anything, you smile pretty big when the hubs brings this home. Even if you don't like Coke. An evening walk in your favorite flipflops  to return the Redbox just makes sense when you've ingested 100 grams of sugar during the day.  Happy Independence Day (weekend!) to you all. May it be filled with the joys of freedom and some fireworks!

How to rock motherhood. And other parts of life.

Welcome to July!! I can't believe June is gone. I never even got out my 4th of July decorations. Total fail. Something I have done is cut way back on soda lately. Instituting "Soda Saturdays" has helped because I can look forward to a big, cold Dr. Pepper on Saturday. However, I fell off the wagon yesterday.  It was late enough in the day that the caffeine in my system made it hard to fall asleep. So I wandered around the Internet and found a few things I knew I needed to share. As I struggle with yet another problem with my body (a super sore ankle with no explanation) this article really struck me as something I should try with my running:   Are You A Stomper? And as a mom who feels like I'm constantly failing the two little people who depend on me, this article  was a great reminder of how easy it can be to make motherhood at least a little awesome every day: And because I'm doing this , I think you should too : Then there