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What don't they make pumpkin flavored these days?!?

Running : I ran seven miles once I finally got out there at 10 am this morning. It took over an hour to get myself out the door. But when I finally got out there, it was fantastic! This is the best time of year to run outside because it only takes about a mile for me to warm up and stop feeling like I want to go home and crawl back under the covers of my warm bed. And it's great because once I'm warm, I stay warm, but I never get too hot. When I got home, I did this leg workout, which has been my favorite lately:   Family : My favorite part of being the grant writer for my girls' school is that I get to see them throughout the day whenever I'm working. Getting to see my aunt, who is the director (principal), all the time is also pretty great. She always has chocolate and other treats in her office. And she occasionally leaves things like this in all the faculty boxes:   Life : Part of my running procrastination this morning included wandering around Wal-Mart. I find and

Running, reading and ranting

So there is a little bit of running thrown into this post, here is a recap of my workouts last week: Sunday - rest Monday - 6 mile run Tuesday - 7 mile run; arms and core workouts Wednesday - 8 mile run Thursday - rest Friday - 12 mile run Saturday - 5 mile run; abs workout; triceps dips & push-ups I kind of slacked on the cross training and strength training (especially lower body). But I'll be back at it this week because I know from experience that it definitely makes me a stronger runner and helps prevent injuries. I thought about getting a little extra workout in after the girls went to bed last night but I ended up doing this instead: Hot chocolate and a good book make for a pretty good night, as long as you can keep your eyes open. And since we're on the subject of books, I have to say the last two books I read left me not completely satisfied. The first one was Allegiant , the third book in the Divergent Series . I was not happy with how it en

Mom guilt. I'm an expert.

Every other Tuesday, I spend time doing an activity with the 8-12 year old girls from my church. Today, Grace said something to one of the girls about doing something active with her family, and the girl replied, "We're not really the kind of family that does things like that together. We do things by ourselves, like watch TV or spend time on the Kindle and stuff like that." It made me sad for her. I love that we do active things as a family and that spending time doing things together as a family is important to all of us. The girl's comment made me think about how I want to make even more of an effort to focus on doing more things together. Sometimes I do things alone because I know it will get done the way I want or because it will be faster and/or more efficient. However, my kids are gowing up fast. And I feel like I can't keep up. Like I'm missing it.   Since I stopped subbing, I have been really stressed about getting things done that kind of fell down t

I like treats.

I was looking back through the pictures on my phone from the last few weeks and realized I take a lot of pictures of food. I really like food. Maybe a little too much sometimes, like yesterday when I ate at least 10 of these:   I told myself they are small to feel better about it. I kept waiting for that moment when you feel like you never wanted another bite of something because you've practically made yourself sick from eating so much, but it never came. So I put about two dozen in the freezer and then packed up a dozen for Scott to take to work. That only leaves about 6 sitting on my counter as temptation. That's just one example of my love of all things pumpkin. I've already made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies twice in the last month, I had pumpkin spice oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and then there was this little splurge at the grocery store last week:   Not pictured are the two additional packages of pumpkin spice Oreos I bought later (they are soooo good) and t

2014 Big Cottonwood Marathon Recap (finally)

I debated just bagging the idea of writing a recap since the race was so long ago, but there are some things I want to remember. So a brief recap you get. Scott and the girls drove me up to get on the bus the morning of the race. They really are the best team ever. Getting up at 4:00 in the morning isn't their favorite thing, but they didn't complain at all. My Ellie Bean hung out on my lap and we played chess while I waited in the warm car instead of getting on an early bus and having to wait in the cold. The first 15 miles of the race were pretty much closed to spectators unless you go up the night before and camp or stay at one of the ski resorts in the canyon,me o I didn't see my little family until just after mile 15. Which was the same time I saw Janae and she started running with me. She ran a seven mile stretch of the race that was a different part of the course this year from last year's course. She went whatever pace I wanted, said all the right