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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful for sugar cookies and restaurants

This morning I got up early, took a shower and got completely ready. In normal, grown-up clothes. Not running clothes. It is the first time I have done that in a long time. This is especially worth documenting because I even wore something other than jeans, which is rare. I love jeans. Almost as much as I love running clothes. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that.

I had a doctor's appointment, which I felt was a good enough reason to get dressed for the day. So my run has been scheduled for later in the day.

Last night I had date night with Janae. After devouring my sugar cookie, we talked about our Thanksgiving plans. It's funny because every time I tell someone my plans, I expect the complete opposite reaction of what I inevitably get.

The I Have Run family is going to a restaurant with a big group of my aunts, uncles, grandpa and cousins. Other people seem to think eating Thanksgiving at a restaurant sounds like a great idea. I'm getting used to the idea. Initially the lack of leftovers almost made me turn down the invite, but I decided I'm going to cook almost everything we normally have anyway, sometime between running and Black Friday shopping.

I guess my history of Thanksgiving dinners at restaurants is what sets me up to expect some degree of pity when I tell people we're eating at a restaurant. The highlight of my first Thanksgiving restaurant experience was finding ants in the water. Not just one ant. Ants. Plural. In everyone's water. Then last year I was sick on Thanksgiving so we decided to go to a buffet. When the line was so ridiculously long that it just wasn't worth the far-from-homemade offerings at the end of the line, we ended up at Carl's Jr.

But this year will be different. After running THIS before sitting down to eat, I'm going to do my best to get my money's worth and enjoy every bite.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do Spartans run virtual races?

Hello everyone. I have been keeping busy. Seems like every time I think things are slowing down, my calendar starts filling up again. I have a work project due right after Thanksgiving and two cake projects in the next two weeks.

No matter how busy I get though, I know I have to make time to run. It just makes everything else go more smoothly. This is true even when everything leading up to the run seems to be working against me, which happened to be the case on Friday.

On Wednesday, I couldn't find my headphones (which are also a wireless MP3 player) when I got back to my car after my run. I had taken them out of my ears when I finished running and put them in my pocket while I walked the last little bit to my car. When I realized they were missing, I retraced my steps and found them about 100 feet from my car.

Friday when I went to use them, I noticed they were a little banged up. Looking closer, I realized they had actually been run over. And they didn't work anymore.

Add that to the cold I'd had all week,which got quite a bit worse in the hours leading up to my run, throw in some pretty strong wind, and I wasn't the happiest of campers heading out for my run Friday morning.

But I got it done. I ran my virtual Hope for Philippines 5k. If you didn't register for the virtual race, you can still donate through PayPal at or by using a debit/credit card at

In other news, I wanted to make sure all you runnerds know about the World Championship Spartan Race being broadcast on NBC Sports on December 7th.

To help make sure you don't forget, Spartan Race is giving one lucky I Have Run reader a free entry to any open heat in any 2013-2014 Spartan Race in the continental US. You can find a list of the races HERE.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Healthier Me...with a cherry on top

Yesterday I ran eight great miles. Actually, six of them were great. The first two kind of sucked. I had a bad attitude all morning, and I took it with me on my run. After two miles spent focusing on all the things I want to change about my body, I started to think about the things I like about it and how it lets me run mile after mile.

The funny thing is the nicer I am to my body, the nicer it is to me. And the more I focus on what I like about it, the more I like it.

Being nice to it has a lot to do with how and what I eat and drink. A few weeks ago I received some Cheribundi cherry juice to try. I decided to try the Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge since some of the benefits include:

  • reduced post-exercise muscle and joint pain
  • carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients
  • promotes deeper, more restful sleep post-workout because it contains significant levels of melatonin

After too many recent restless nights, which mean less energy, the possibility of better sleep was a big appeal.

The fact that the juice tastes pretty good made the challenge a little easier. It is just the right amount of tart and sweet. One of the days I added the juice to a smoothie so I was incorporating the calories into a meal rather than adding them on top of my regular calorie intake.

Within a few days of beginning the challenge, I did start sleeping better and had more energy. I think adding healthy supplements like Cheribundi, which is completely natural and easy to incorporate into a healthy diet, is never a bad idea. Healthy, real-food supplements can have a lot of positive benefits on your overall health, whether the benefits are completely obvious right away or they just improve your health in the long-term.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Bins of Christmas Cheer

I'm not usually a TGIF kind of girl. Don't get me wrong. I love the weekends. But I try to make the most of every day. Yes even Monday. But this week I'm kind of happy it's finally Friday.

It has been a busy week, as you can see from my lack of posts. But it has been a good kind of busy.

I've been working on a freelance editing project. I also had a cupcake/cake order from my cousin for her son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. And I have to point out that the eagle in the bottom of the picture is made of fondant. And that I, of no natural artistic abilities, free handed that eagle and am a little bit proud of it. It will go on top of the cake just before it is displayed.

I've been trying to get my house decorated for Christmas (which is a multiple day project even when I don't have anything else to do). Yes, those bins are stacked three high. And they are full of Christmas cheer!

And I have also been running. There's always running because, for me, it's about setting priorities and making time for the things, like running,that are important.

Speaking of running...this week I was featured on Thank Your Body's Fitness Friday! Go check it out; you might find out something you don't already know about me.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Candy Crush is evil

I have been meaning to post the past few days but keep getting sidetracked by Candy Crush. That's one of the problems with blogging on my iPad. The game apps are there to distract me. I'm not telling you this so you will send me an invite to play Candy Crush. I don't exactly understand the purpose of those invitations anyway. So don't send me one. I'll just delete it.

The point is, I obviously failed miserably at Candy Crush because here I am posting anyway. Don't you just hate it when you have to wait almost 20 minutes for another life?!?

In addition to playing Candy Crush, I have been doing a little running lately. With two unplanned rest days last week (life happens and you have to learn to roll with it), I was happy to still end the week with 40 miles.

My focus the entire week was to just enjoy each run. I didn't worry about speed or distance. I ran completely based on how I felt. And I ended up with some great runs.

I've learned that sometimes you have to stop focusing so much on your training plan or what your schedule says you need to do and just run.

I finished off the week on Saturday with a late afternoon run. I had 16 planned but cut it short at 12 because it was getting dark and cold faster than I expected. But those 12 miles were some of the best I've had in a long time! My legs felt incredibly strong the entire run.

This week I'll probably throw in a day at the track, but other than that my focus is still on enjoying each run.

I have also learned that enjoying my runs has a lot to do with how I'm eating. If I'm eating poorly, I inevitably end up running poorly. So I'm trying to eat better this week. I've kind of gotten out of control lately, letting myself eat pretty much anything and everything I see. And I'm feeling it!

Eating better also means getting all my water in during the day. It's amazing what a difference that makes as well. I usually drink at least 64 ounces or so per day, but I want to drink at least a gallon. This is helping make sure I don't fall short...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a very happy Monday!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Found something I don't like in oatmeal

Yesterday I wore a pair of my old running tights that I bought back when my main priority when it came to running clothes was the price. As in a low price. I did make sure they had flat seams and wicking material, but the price was always the make-or-break point. These particular tights are not particularly tight. So they are also not particularly flattering. They are loose in all the places you want them to be tight. And they are just loose enough that they move in the opposite direction of your legs when you are running, which tends to make one hyper-aware of one's body and what seems to be the jiggling of it. Not nice.

Today I wore a pair of running tights I got for my birthday last month. And they were amazing. Tight in all the right places. Just the right thickness. And very important - not too tight anywhere that they caused rolls or bulges. Pretty much perfect.

I know you can't tell much of a difference in this picture, but trust me. There is a night and day difference! So if I can give you a piece of advice, it is to buy running clothes that fit well and that you love, even if they cost a little more. You will end up wearing them a lot more and they will be more worth your money in the end.

Besides realizing how much I didn't like that other pair of running tights yesterday, I also found out I don't like peanut butter in my oatmeal. At all. I tried to mix things up. Big mistake. Lesson learned. Moving on.

On my run today, I had a little chafing problem that started about a mile into an 11 mile run. At mile two, there was a grocery store. I grabbed some Vaseline (for lips because it was easier to carry than a little tub of it!) and nicely asked the cashier if I could tell her my credit card info since I didn't have any money with me. All that online shopping has paid off since it is the reason my cc info is seared into my brain.

And in other big news from my run, I braided my hair for the first time in probably over a year. I decided to wear a beanie and it always bugs me when it is smashing down my ponytail. So I put my hair in a quick braid. It worked great. Didn't bug me at all.

My modeling picture is missing the beanie because I took it off the second I was finished running because it was so sweat soaked. I loved wearing a beanie though. And it helped keep me toasty. The problem is I only have a few, so I guess I'll have to add to my collection.

Do you have any hats you love for running?


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