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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wow do I feel out of touch with the running/blogging world! Between Thanksgiving and round three of the Bean's stomach virus (which was a fun-filled four days of puke and the trots), I have spent very little time on the computer in the past week. There were even days I spent NO time on the computer. I can't tell you the last time that happened.

There hasn't been much running lately either, except for one little 5K that is worth a mention. On Thanksgiving, I ran a Turkey Trot (a completely different kind of trot) with the hopes of a PR, which meant better than 27:49. My goal was under 27:00. I was a little nervous the morning of the race since the temps were in the single digits. It was a toasty 12 degrees (F) when the race began. Fortunately my sponsors (aka the hubby and my girls) drove me to the race, so I stayed in the warm vehicle until I saw people lining up at the start. Armed with my double layers of socks, gloves and hats and my new tights, I was good to go from start until my 24:36 finish. That was good for second place in my age group and a pumpkin pie, except I didn't wait around to claim my culinary prize because I had movie tickets and a turkey to roast waiting for me.

There were also no pictures since I forgot my camera. But the race was the perfect start to a perfect day.

If I can talk my girls into it, we might get a run in with the double jogger this afternoon. Otherwise it will be a cross training day on the bike. And if I can tear myself away from searching for the perfect tights to go with my girls' Christmas dresses, I'll finally get caught up on some blogs. I hope you are all doing amazingly well!!

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