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The will to succeed...and tossing your cookies. All in a day's work.

I had a lovely post ready to go and accidentally deleted it. The first part was about how I've been ellipticizing instead of running lately. And while I don't love it, I have faith that it will be worth it in the effort to get my leg healthy and happy. I also talked about how one of the nice things about the elliptical is that I can read while I'm on it. I caught up on the last three issues of Runner's World and started a new book, all while ellipticizing. And speaking of books, I also wanted to tell you about one I'm expecting in the mail any day. Even though I have yet to muster up the courage to try a Spartan Race, the book is a whole different story. It isn't just for Spartans or even runners. It's for anyone and everyone. Here's what Spartan Up! is, in its own words: Spartan Up! is more than an insider’s view of the world of obstacle racing. It’s a manual for the Spartan way of life, including: Finding the will to succeed: The fir

Running far...running happy

Sometimes life requires a Friday night run. My Bean didn't have school on Friday, so I spent the morning cleaning rather than running. That afternoon, I decided a run was a good idea. I was going to get up extra, extra early Saturday morning to get my run in before heading up to cheer on Janice, who was running the Buffalo 100. But we've already established I'm not a morning person, so Friday night was sounding pretty good. I also need a little mood boost, so running just made sense. My little family came and brought me water (and ibuprofen because I'm still struggling with my shin) about three miles from the end. Bean just learned to ride without training wheels a few days ago, so the girls love riding along with me on their bikes! These are some of my favorite running moments. I got in 12 miles and decided that was enough for this week's long run. My shin was sore and my body felt tired overall, so I listened to my body and cut my planned 16 short. Satur

On the road to a happy leg

Last week I had 5 runs, 51 miles, 8:14 average pace. 20 of those miles were Saturday. After going to the doctor on Friday to try to determine the cause of my shin/calf pain, which has been hanging around for the past month, I was cleared to tackle my long run. However, I am supposed to try several different things to help my leg begin to heal. These include massage, which I have already been getting fairly regularly from the hubs, KT Tape, and a few other things. Luckily one of these things was not to stop running. I am fortunate to have a doctor who is also a runner and who knows me well enough to not even try to keep me from running unless it really is the only option. However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to run pain free. And the sooner the better, since Boston is only 33 days away. My 20 on Saturday was incredible. One of my best runs in a long time, and one of my best 20 milers ever. My legs felt strong and never felt tired. I GUed at miles 4, 10 and 15. As som

A bathroom audience

Now that this week is almost over, here's a recap of last week's running... Five runs 50.1 miles 8:12 min/mile average pace I finished the week with a 10 mile run on Saturday with some of my favorite runnerd friends. Although I am very much a solitary runner, I always enjoy mixing things up and catching up with these girls while logging some miles! Heather, Janice, Me, Rachelle & Julia The run was the perfect start to an amazing day. I was honored to share a special event with Julia, and then we had an art birthday party for The Princess, who turned eight on Friday. I got in seven miles in Tuesday morning. I decided to postpone my hill workout since it was snowing and ridiculously windy. The seven miles verified it was a good call. Then in the afternoon I went to Target with my Bean. One of the joys of motherhood is going to the bathroom in a public restroom and having your child, who is only a foot away from you in the tiny stall, stare at you the entire

What I Learned and a Photo Update

I took a break. A much needed break. But I'm back. I've been back on IG for a while, but I'll be back to posting here and on FB and on the Runnerd FB and IG pages now as well. I learned a lot from my little break. Mostly things about myself. If you find yourself taking away anything negative from your interactions with social media, I highly recommend a little break from it. It helps clear things up and makes you see the world more like it really is. More importantly, it lets you see YOURSELF more like you really are. Speaking of breaks, I took 4 days off from running last week. I had Thursday and Friday as planned rest days because I was supposed to run the Phoenix Half Marathon on Saturday. After my Bean ran a fever Wednesday night, I felt like we should take her into the pediatrician before heading out of town on Thursday. She has been sick off and on with a cold and ear infections, with some strange symptoms mixed in, over the past month, so it just seemed like the