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Monday, March 24, 2014

Running far...running happy

Sometimes life requires a Friday night run. My Bean didn't have school on Friday, so I spent the morning cleaning rather than running. That afternoon, I decided a run was a good idea. I was going to get up extra, extra early Saturday morning to get my run in before heading up to cheer on Janice, who was running the Buffalo 100. But we've already established I'm not a morning person, so Friday night was sounding pretty good. I also need a little mood boost, so running just made sense.

My little family came and brought me water (and ibuprofen because I'm still struggling with my shin) about three miles from the end. Bean just learned to ride without training wheels a few days ago, so the girls love riding along with me on their bikes! These are some of my favorite running moments.

I got in 12 miles and decided that was enough for this week's long run. My shin was sore and my body felt tired overall, so I listened to my body and cut my planned 16 short.

Saturday morning the family and I hung out at the finish line of Janice's first 100 mile race. She is an amazing example of what you can do when you have a dream and the drive and belief in yourself to make your dreams come true.

My girls made signs and were so excited to cheer her on. I love all the things running teaches my girls, purely through the examples of other people.

On the way home, we decided to take a little detour so I could go for a run while the hubs and my girls went rock hunting, one of their favorite things. I ran seven miles, surrounded by some of Utah's most beautiful scenery, and my girls had lots of success finding rocks to add to their collections.

Weekly running/exercise recap for March 16-22:
  • 4 runs, 32 miles
  • 2 elliptical workouts, 19 miles
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Man I love being at the finish of a 100 miler! Watching a friend finish their first is fantastic. You are lucky that your kids can ride where you run. It is great time together.


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