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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Days When Nothing Fits

I saw this the other day, and it really hit home.

I am pretty honest about my insecurities on here.

I try to stay positive about my my body in front of my girls. I am careful not to say negative things about how I look or feel physically. But I have my days.

Since I started running, I have fewer of those days.

I never imagined my body could run mile after mile. That I could set goals and then crush them. That I would see and feel my body becoming stronger.

I still have my days when nothing "fits" and there are a dozen things I want to change about my body. But when I start obsessing about something I want to change, simply going for a run helps me find a little perspective, helps me remember some of the things I like about my body and reminds me that I have power to improve many of the things I do want to change.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

There is a lot to love out there (you just have to look for it)

There are just some moods that are not ideal for blogging. I am in one of those moods. But I am going to do it anyway. Since today is a "Things I Love Thursday," I promise to get around to that eventually.

But for now, I'm going to vent. I already spent two hours today venting to my hairdresser, but I never got around to my issues with social media. Apparently I have a lot of issues today.

I am my own worst enemy. And my biggest critic. I don't need any help finding my faults and criticizing my weaknesses. The reason I don't put many pics of myself on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter is because I don't like most pictures of myself. They show too many of those faults.

I do like pictures of all of you though. And I love the amazing tool social media can be for encouragement, consolation, empathy, education and plain old entertainment.

I don't like people who follow other people to make themselves feel better about themselves (in a negative way). I don't like people who follow me just hoping to see me fail (which I do plenty) or to take pleasure in my weaknesses.

Some days it takes a little extra effort to find the good in people because the bad is so much more obvious. It sucks that one or two negatives can so easily overshadow the abundance of positives. Today is one of those days.

But there is so much good.

And now I'm getting to the things I love.

I love my cousin that doesn't just stalk me but actually comments on my posts and encourages me. She has no idea how amazing I think she is and how proud I am of her and her running efforts and goals (500 in 2013!!!!). She is an incredibly positive person, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I love my real life running friends whose comments are so genuine and thoughtful it literally makes my heart swell little. There are no truer friends than the ones who will run your pace, cheer you through your race and give it to you straight.

I love that so many of you put it all out there. You are real and you are true. I want to be you when I grow up.

And I love coming across reminders like this...

Monday, January 21, 2013

A race, a winner and a new baby

It's time to announce the winner of the Vega Protein bars! Thanks to everyone who joined the Thrive Forward program! If you weren't one of those that joined already, it's not too late. It's a great way to help you set some goals, make changes and just eat a little better. And it's free!!

So head on over and join now. You might be especially glad you did later (wink, wink). Now for the winner, chosen by

Cy Waldron

Email your shipping info to and you will get a box of protein bars sent directly from Vega.

As for me "thriving," I'm trying. It would be a lot easier if I could get rid of this cold. Seriously! I'm going on four weeks here. Yet I didn't let it stop me from running my 5K on Saturday. It was great to be in St. George where it was a little bit warmer (but still not above freezing when the race started) and there was no inversion.

I had no hopes of a PR and wasn't sure how hard I was going to push myself, but I decided to make it count and put in some real effort. I forgot to start my watch (thus the reason for no pic of my cute little running buddy) at the start and felt like I was going pretty slow, but I finished in 23:13. It wasn't a PR, but I'll take it since my lungs are still working extra hard even when I'm not running.

We headed home shortly after the race to be home for the addition of my brother's first little guy to the family. We were all excited to meet our new cousin/nephew. But we made sure to stop and have some fun at our favorite place along the way!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Running into trees (and a guest post worth reading!)

It's Friday! That means I'm off to run my first race of 2013 in the morning. My dizziness has subsided a little, so I feel pretty good about being able to run without running into a tree.

And hopefully my second round of antibiotics will kick in fast and I won't try to cough up my lungs at the end of the race.

Since I'm cramming to get everything done so I can head down to St. George for the night, I figured I would let someone else take over the blog for today.

Golden Harper is a previous all American runner who founded Altra Zero Drop Footwear, a company (based in Utah!!) run by passionate individuals committed to helping running enthusiasts achieve their dreams through biomechanically proper footwear. You can check the company's updates and their latest in their blog at

And here's a little insight from him on...
The Benefits of Keeping a Running Website
Keeping a website, blog or online diary of your running can truly help you stay motivated. This is especially true if you don't have others around you who also love running. A blog can help you feel connected to others who share the same passion. It is also a way to track your progress. Getting started is easy, though there are a few things to consider.

First, you need to select a host website. Blogger, Weebly and Wordpress are popular options. These will guide you through the creation process of your site in a step by step manner. You can choose the style, layout and other design elements. Add pictures and posts to make it personal. You will also have to come up with a title for your site. Most host sites will let you use a sub-domain name for free. This just means that your site address will have the name of your blog followed by the host site address. Professionals usually prefer having their own domain, which means their web address contains only their site name. However, there is a monthly charge for this.

Think about what kind of site you want. You can keep your blog strictly about running, providing people with tips or including pictures and times from recent races or marathons. Some enjoy reviewing products related to running, like shoes or specialty clothing. Another option is to treat it more like a journal and also include snippets from your daily life. This is another way to connect with others. You may find that there are many other runners out there who share similar struggles, like finding time for their running while working and taking care of their family. It can help to have a list of topics ready, that way you have plenty of things to write about on hand.

It can also help to think about your goals for the blog or site. Some people keep them as personal projects without much concern about views or page hits. Others open their sites up to advertising with the goal of making money. To get more readers, link your site to your Facebook or Twitter pages. Doing this allows you to share new posts with people on your social networking sites. Following similar blogs is another way to boost your views; you can also make some new acquaintances this way.

Also think about related topics. Aside from running, you can also write about eating well and share recipes that you love. Many bloggers create lists of their favorite things as well, like a particular brand of running shoe or water bottle. By doing this you can help others who are new to running or who simply haven't found the right kind of sneaker yet.

Share your passion by keeping a website about running. It is easy to set one up and it is possible to do it for free. You can share your experiences and meet others who are also interested in running or other related activities. Determine what your goals are for the site, and have fun creating your own personal page.  


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thriving and Running. It's all good.

First things first. Have you signed up for Thrive Forward yet? If not, you should. It's free. You are entered to win a box of yummy chocolate protein bars just by signing up (as long as I know about it so I can enter you into the drawing, of course). And you might just learn a few things that can improve your health and wellness. What have you got to lose?

Now, onto the other things happening in the world of I Have Run. I have been running. If you aren't on Instagram, you don't get to see my cute pink watch on a regular basis. So here you go so you don't feel like you are missing out:

Pure excitement, I know.

Those are my runs since last Tuesday. There's another one planned for today. I was actually in my running clothes this morning but ended up showering and getting dressed because I was so dizzy all morning. I have been dizzy off and on for the past few days, but today it was a lot worse. It started to make me nauseous. The only thing I can guess it might be from is something related to this cough and cold I can't seem to shake.

It just hope I'm back on track and healthy by Saturday because I have my first race of 2013. It is only a 5K, but I don't want it to be a total bust. Keep your fingers crossed for me and send me healthy vibes!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winners (you) and Losing (me)

This is a first for me...blogging on my iPad. So I'm sorry in advance for any mistakes. My girls are taking a bath, so I'm blogging while I supervise. Multitasking at its finest. Today was supposed to be the end of the Thrive Forward giveaway, but I decided to extend it another week. So spread the word. And join now! The more the merrier. And I could use use some support. Your support. The five pounds I wanted to lose turned into ten over the holidays. Thrive Forward is a great way to get me back on track and eating better! And don't forget you can win a box of yummy protein bars just for joining the FREE program.

Speaking of giveaways...

I FINALLY put together the list of Runnerd Photo-A-Day entries and let work it's magic.

The winners are:

Red ActiveBand: buildthemachine
Green ActiveBand: RedheadRunning
Silver ActiveBand: melanieamorim
Runnerd Sticker: frannyjo13
Runnerd Magnet: marnonicknamelo
Runnerd Ornament: KovasP

Please send your mailing address and your real name to so I can get you your goodies! I loved all the awesome runnerd/holiday photos. I miss seeing all your runnerdness. And I miss having a reason to post on Twitter and Instagram every day. I wish I could give everyone who participated something, but I haven't won the lottery or written a best seller yet. When I do, I'll have a
sticker, magnet, t-shirt, ornament or some other runnerd awesomeness with your name on it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thrive Forward Fuel for 2013 (and 1000 miles in 2012!)

I'm sure you have all been dying to know why I have been MIA since December 20. Well, the holidays happened. Then I got a cold. And I had a goal. With some serious dedication, I met my goal in spite of my cold.

The goal? 1000 running miles in 2012. And my first year to hit that many miles since I began running. As of Thursday, December 27th, I had 43 miles to go. After a little "you aren't a quitter" pep talk from the hubs, I sucked it up and put in 10.25 miles. The next morning I ran another 10. Saturday, I pounded out 11.5. And after a much-needed rest day on Sunday, I hit my goal (plus a little) with a final New Years Eve 12.

I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty that so much of running is mental. If my body had been in charge, I never would have made it to 1000.

After my Monday run, my body decided it was time for a break and my cold took over. And now five days, a doctor's visit and some serious meds later, I am on the mend. And hoping to get in my first run of 2013 on Monday.

So now that I am not hacking my lungs up, I decided to check in, find out how your holidays were (that means you have to leave a comment and let me know) and let you know what is ahead in the I Have Run world.

I have worked with Vega several times in the past and have enjoyed testing and reviewing its products. Now I am working with Vega again to help you and me get on track to a better healthier version of ourselves.

Thrive Forward is a free, personalized online program that can help you transform your health. Through online tools, you will begin a journey to optimal health. Topics covered include energy, stress, sleep, body composition, mood and more. Video lessons are enhanced with useful tools to reinforce what you have learned.

Here's a little video teaser to get you excited! You can get started now by signing up, and you will receive developer Brendan Brazier's stater eBook.

When you sign up you’ll also receive:

  • 11 chapters, 30+ video lessons, and a personalized learn-at-your-own-pace lesson plan to help you navigate a wealth of ideas (without getting lost)
  • Emailed tips: helpful take-away tips reinforce what you’re learning and encourage you to make changes that work with your life
  • Action items: apply what you learn in each lesson and share tips and tricks with others in this adventure with you
  • Supplemental materials: including recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, charts, printable reference guides, in-depth articles, and more
You can also be part of the Vega Community on Vega Facebook and @VegaTeam on Twitter. On Thursdays on both Twitter and Facebook, you can join in on #ThriveThursdays to ask questions, share recipes and tips and find out more from the Vega team.
There is no better time to make a change, start fresh and make yourself a better you than the start of a new year. So join me in Thriving Forward! As an incentive to help you get started, what better than a giveaway?!?

Here's what you need to do:
  • Sign up to Thrive Forward HERE. Leave a comment letting me know you signed up. (1 entry)
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter that you have joined the program. Post using #ThriveFWD @VegaTeam @ihaverun. (1 entry for each place you post)
  • Receive additional entries for posting updates on how you are making changes or succeeding. Be sure to include #ThriveFWD @VegaTeam @ihaverun in your post (Limit one additional entry per day of the giveaway)
  • INVITE others to join Thrive Forward. Include #ThriveFWD @VegaTeam @ihaverun in your post. (1 entry for each place you post an invitation)
What can you win: a box of Vega Sport Chocolate Protein Bars! Winner will be selected by on Wednesday, January 9.
Be sure you start now because this is just the beginning of exciting things to come from I Have Run and the Thrive Forward Vega Team!

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