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There is a lot to love out there (you just have to look for it)

There are just some moods that are not ideal for blogging. I am in one of those moods. But I am going to do it anyway. Since today is a "Things I Love Thursday," I promise to get around to that eventually.

But for now, I'm going to vent. I already spent two hours today venting to my hairdresser, but I never got around to my issues with social media. Apparently I have a lot of issues today.

I am my own worst enemy. And my biggest critic. I don't need any help finding my faults and criticizing my weaknesses. The reason I don't put many pics of myself on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter is because I don't like most pictures of myself. They show too many of those faults.

I do like pictures of all of you though. And I love the amazing tool social media can be for encouragement, consolation, empathy, education and plain old entertainment.

I don't like people who follow other people to make themselves feel better about themselves (in a negative way). I don't like people who follow me just hoping to see me fail (which I do plenty) or to take pleasure in my weaknesses.

Some days it takes a little extra effort to find the good in people because the bad is so much more obvious. It sucks that one or two negatives can so easily overshadow the abundance of positives. Today is one of those days.

But there is so much good.

And now I'm getting to the things I love.

I love my cousin that doesn't just stalk me but actually comments on my posts and encourages me. She has no idea how amazing I think she is and how proud I am of her and her running efforts and goals (500 in 2013!!!!). She is an incredibly positive person, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I love my real life running friends whose comments are so genuine and thoughtful it literally makes my heart swell little. There are no truer friends than the ones who will run your pace, cheer you through your race and give it to you straight.

I love that so many of you put it all out there. You are real and you are true. I want to be you when I grow up.

And I love coming across reminders like this...


  1. Glad you vented.
    Glad you focused on the positive.

  2. Venting is good!
    I think that people who are negative and like to see others fail just have self esteem problems. Ignore! There is way too much good!

  3. I live in a country where there are many negative elements around me every day. Focusing on the positive make it all so much better. I think I've become quite good at spotting all the good and ignoring all the bad. As you say, there are so many things to love out there. My life is actually beautiful.

  4. You rock. Stay positive! Don't worry about what others think. All that matters is whether you're happy with yourself, who you are, and what you're doing, IMO. :)

  5. I love when Mel Gibson delivers that "pitch" in the movie. I couldn't agree more.
    Um, hello, you are so beautiful. And to prove it, will you let me take pictures of you? Seriously. Email me: whitneyhuntphoto at yahoo dot com

  6. I really hope you are having a better day today Candice. This time of year truly is so depressing and I've had a hard time myself staying positive. That last quote hit the nail on the head and I absolutely love it.

    I truly believe that 99% of people have good intentions and want others to be happy but unforunately there is that 1% that is just jealous and find joy in bringing others down. I cannot imagine anyone having anything bad at all to say about you! Off the top of my head here are my top 3 favorite things about you.

    1. Your genuine personality. I know that everything you say to me is true and you are always so genuine. You never fake it. Love that!

    2. How much you love your girls. Your love for your family shows in so many ways and you are such a great Mom. This shows in the pictures you post and the smiles on they're faces.

    3. Your blonde hair and perfect body. The first time I met you I referred to you as the "barbie girl" because you are the closest person to barbie I have ever met in IRL. I am being 100% serious here, you can ask my Mom. I remember bragging about you and your girls to her after we first met saying someday I will have a cute little family like her.

  7. Love this. And I have to agree with you. When I get frustrated, I focus on the ones who truly uplift and encourage me to keep going. I feel sorry for people who want others to fail...we can rid those people from our lives, but they can't rid themselves of the insecurity they feel. What a sad way to go through life. keep running Candice, the road loves you! And you inspire so many of us....

  8. I had the pleasure of reading some of your blog posts :) and they brought many emotions to light...victory, joy, sadness, fun - so so relational I just can't get enough! I wish I had real people like you and running friends in my life. You are blessed and a blessing. I love following you on IG. Thank you for your honesty. :)


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