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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

I have...
  • a cold that has hung around for two weeks and came with a cough that sounds (and feels) like repeated attempts to hack up my lungs.
  • a headache almost every single day from a new medication I am taking.
  • a forecast that is warmer than I would like.
  • a few excuses to not push myself and reach my goals on Saturday.

I also have...

  • two awesome little girls and an amazing, supportive husband who will cheer me across the finish line.
  • a cousin who is making the trip to St. George to show her support.
  • a brother and sister-in-law who are holding down the fort at home (aka taking care of our Rowdy boy) so I don't have to worry about anything once I head south.
  • an aunt and uncle who are graciously inviting us into their home, which will make the entire weekend easier and more enjoyable.
  • the experience of one marathon behind me.
  • another year of running under my belt since that marathon.
  • the knowledge of what my body can do and push through, after a year of dealing with IT band issues and a shin pain.
  • all the reasons I need to push any excuses aside, think positive, push myself, do my best.

RUN: My goal is a new PR (first marathon race report here). Anything more than that is just icing on the cake.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Talking Head

With the countdown clock ticking away, it's time to talk about one of the most important parts of marathon preparation - what to wear.

I did a test run of my planned marathon apparel yesterday. I actually bought a new running skirt about a month ago to wear on race day. This is my fourth Running Skirt, but it fits differently than the other three. That would be fine, except the difference makes it ride up in the back. I get this little bunch of fabric above my booty and it makes the already short skirt reveal a little too much on the back end. Have any of you Running Skirts fans had this problem? I love my other running skirts and have run most of my races in them, but I'm not thinking my newest one will be featured in any race pictures. I'm sure it would provide some entertainment for the few runners that would be behind me, but I just can't spend 26.2 miles tugging my skirt down and wondering how many people got a look at my butt cheeks. So I decided to go with these capris:

In fact, that is the exact thing I had in mind to wear (original, huh?), other than my newer pair of Sauconys. Then I saw the weather forecast. It is going to be warm, so I might want as little touching my body as possible once the temps start inching up past that 70 degree mark. So I'm rethinking the running skirt option, only one of my others. I guess I'll pack both the capris and the skirt and force myself to make a decision on Friday night.

I am also wearing my SPIbelt for the first time during a race. I have only worn it on long runs. I always just stuck my gels in my running skirt pockets during races. This time I am taking Honey Stinger energy chews along and they take up a little more room, so the SPIbelt it is. I went back and forth between using it or my handheld water bottle, but I decided I don't want to hold anything in my hand for that long. Plus my SPIbelt has room for some toilet paper and Imodium, so it's all good.

Last but not least, I will be wearing one of the headbands I found that don't slip. I actually had a lot of luck when it came to finding something that works. I didn't try a Bondi Band, in spite of numerous recommendations. I just can't picture myself in something that wide. I did, however, try Sweaty Bands, a TMB Endurance Band, a headband from Jogging Stroller Mama Shelly, and a Running Skirts headband. Honestly, the first three were almost identical. Sweaty Bands are the most expensive but have a lot of color options and are obviously professionally produced. My favorite though is the one from Shelly. It is a sentimental favorite, but it also fits perfectly and is well-made. The Running Skirts headband is a little different. It is also a non-slip band and fits great. The strange thing is that I can't find it on their web site. The headbands they have for sale now look just like Sweaty Bands. They are also priced similarly, so there isn't much point in going into detail about the one I have. The headband I will be wearing on race day is the TMB Endurance Band because it matches all the things I am considering. It is all white, and since I will probably be in a bright orange shirt until I get too warm, I can't bring myself to wear any of the others that are all some version of pink.

<-Sweaty Band & Shelly's Band->

So with that important bit of information out of the way, I'm going to do some laundry so I don't start the race smelling like I should at the end of the race.

RUN: Also on the pre-race to-do list is updating my iPod. Any song recommendations??

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ready or Not

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. I haven't spent the past two weeks in a tropical paradise or on my near-death bed. I've just been hangin' with my girls, getting stuff done, living life. Blogging kind of got pushed to the bottom of my to-do list and is just now making its way back up. Someday I hope to be one of those bloggers who posts every day (even every other day would be an accomplishment for me), but for now I just do what I do. Anyhow, now that I finished Mockingjay and as long as I can withstand the temptation of all the returning fall TV shows, I plan to get back to blogging on (my version of) a regular basis. I have several posts floating around in my head, so that helps too! Maybe I should take a few weeks off more often.

And since this is a running blog, I should mention I have been running lately. I still don't feel ready to run a marathon one week from tomorrow, but ready or not, I am running.

I am looking forward to getting away for a day or two and adding another marathon to my list of accomplishments. I am also trying to stay focused on the positive. Things like:
  • Rediscovering the magic of KT Tape after struggling with a sore shin for the past few months.
  • Seeing the scale drop three pounds in the past few weeks without making a conscious effort. When does that ever happen??
  • Finding the perfect headband (more on that in another post).
  • Seeing a difference in my midsection after devoting myself to doing a core workout
    on a regular basis for the first time in my life.
  • The cooler fall temps for running and playing with my girls outside.

I hope you all find the positive in your day as well. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

RUN: Fall marathon madness is in full swing. Good luck to all those lining up at the starting line this weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I know I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. I. LOVE. SPEEDWORK. I never feel stronger (or faster) than when I am doing speedwork.

Tonight's run was a fartlek workout on the treadmill. Somehow The Princess has trained her body to poop at bedtime. Could a kid come up with a better excuse to get out of bed EVERY night? I mean how can you tell your child to go back to bed when she really needs to go and manages to get something out every single time. And tonight, every single time happened THREE times. So with that delay and a second round of rocking my baby (I know she's two but she's still my baby) to sleep, I didn't get on the treadmill until 8pm. I did a short warm-up and then did four x 5-minute intervals @ 10K pace (8:49) with 2-minute recovery jogs. My plan called for four or five intervals; I went with four because I was hungry and was pretty sure my husband wanted to eat dinner sooner than later since he waited to eat with me instead of eating with the girls. So my fartlek run gave me 3.35 miles for the night.

Now I'm heading upstairs to do some HARD CORE (with a full belly, so this should be extra fun) before I head to bed.

RUN: Tonight I was loving You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. It makes me smile because it reminds me of The Princess. I sing it to her sometimes. Not sure what that says about my parenting, but she's started singing it back to me. At appropriate times. And she's four. So we're even.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Your comments on my last post prove that we are part of a community of accepting, compassionate and passionate runners. Thanks for reminding me that those women are a tiny minority in a big group of amazing runners.

Thanks also for your many headband comments. I am not sold on Bondi Bands, just because they are so wide. I'm still debating whether or not to give them a try. I will let you know what ends up being the Holy Grail of headbands (at least for me) when I find it.

In spite of continuing headbands woes, I have been running. I am LOVING the fall weather and took advantage of the cooler evenings and ran with my girls a few times to get a break from my other treadmill runs during the week. My long run was planned for Friday because Sunday was my little Bean's birthday so Saturday was going to be prep day. I headed out around 6:30 with my Bean while The Princess and the hubs hung out at home. The plan was an out and back so I could put Bean to bed and then head back out. We did six miles, and then I probably would have called it quits if I hadn't promised The Princess I would take her next. The Bean went to bed, and I headed back out. We only made it 1.25 miles. I was crazy tired, both the sleepy kind and the kind that makes you check your Garmin every few minutes because you could swear you are running 15:00 miles. When I put my tiredness together with the effort it took to push the jogger in the not so cool temps that evening and an ache in my hip, I decided my body was trying to tell me something.

I had hoped to squeeze in some miles to kind of make up for Friday's fail while the girls napped on Saturday, but I used that precious quiet time to get some work done on this...

I have three weekends between now and race day. My longest run of my training plan is this Saturday. I had my first (ever) marathon dream Sunday night and have started spending a lot of time visualizing the race and telling myself that I CAN do THIS. I am hoping my mind is as strong (or stronger) than my body on race day, so I'm giving it some training too!

RUN: The high for tomorrow and Friday is 70 degrees. Have I mentioned I LOVE fall and winter?

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