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BAM! Getting slapped in the face...

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know the ones I'm talking about. At the start it seems like it should be an easy, low stress week. But then BAM. From day one, it slaps you in the face. That was last week. I'll spare you too many details and just give you a quick recap, which I'm sure won't do justice to the amount of stress the week's events created. Things started with a battle between our truck and a railroad crossing arm. You know the ones that come down to keep you from hanging out on the railroad tracks when a train is headed your way. And it wasn't my husband or myself driving the truck. I still haven't decided if that is making it harder or easier. All I know is that since we got the estimate to repair the damage, I get a sick feeling when I think about how much it will cost. Especially when I realize paying to fix the truck could pay for a trip to Disneyland instead. My baby Bean starting preschool also hasn't been easy. In spite

Only Half Crazy: South Valley Half Marathon Race Report

We've been packing in the fun these last few days of summer before The Princess starts kindergarten next week. Bean started preschool today and said goodbye this morning without any tears. Probably good or I might have lost it. But it was fun to spend a little time with just The Princess, since that doesn't happen very often. Anyhow, as far as running goes, I managed to pace the 2:15 group at the South Valley Half without any notable incidences or accidents, so I am considering pacing again in the (possibly near) future. The course was off a little, so when I thought it was going to be short 2/10ths of a mile, I slowed down. I was worried I would finish two or three minutes early, based on my time, and the goal was to be within a minute of the pace time. When I passed the mile 12 sign, it still looked like the course would be short. But when my watch hit 13.1 miles, I still couldn't see the finish line. When I finished, my watch said 13.23 miles, 2:16:44. Most of the ot

My Tommie Boys

My long run will not only be a little shorter tomorrow at 13.1 miles, but it will also be a lot slower. I am pacing the 2:15 group at the South Valley Half Marathon tomorrow. I'm still not sure why I said I would do it, but I did. If I end up a terrible mess of a runner, I will blame Blaine . It makes me feel a little better that I can run it 23 minutes slower than I ran my last half marathon. But I'm a little nervous about holding a sign for over two hours. And I'm not a big talker while I run - one of the reasons running solo suits me, so it could be interesting if someone wants to chat for 13.1 miles. So tomorrow I'll need an entirely different kind of luck when I line up at the start. If you happen to be running the race, look for me and come say hi! I'll be the blonde wearing a bright green pacer shirt, holding the 2:15 pacer sign. And now, since I never got around to my Things I Love Thursday yesterday because I was too busy getting my tempo run done

Running from Tempo

Saturday's 20 miles were great. Runs like that are what keep me from bailing on marathon training and sitting home on marathon day. I finished in 3:11:40, a 9:34 pace. When I finished, I told the hubs I could have run another 6.2 if I had to, although I'm sure it helped that I had my own little race crew for the last five miles. At 15 miles, I stopped to fill up my handheld at a convenience store and my family met me there. It was perfect timing because I needed a little pick-me-up after two miles of running into the sun and against some serious wind. Then my fam surprised me and met me every mile after that. It was awesome to look forward to my own little cheering squad, and the hubs had ice cold water and pieces of ice that got me through the last three miles. Although I was hydrated with more than 32 ounces of Powerade, I was totally craving cold water. After my girls cheered me across the imaginary finish line, we headed over to watch the BYU football team at an open

Booty Shakin'

The winner (chosen by of the random giveaway was comment #27, the amazing Miss Zippy . Please send your mailing info to , and I'll get your stuff on its way. And so the rest of you don't go away without a smile, here's a little booty shake for you, courtesy of Bean:

80s Movies Rock My Runs

Did I watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun while I ran ten miles on Saturday? Yes I did. Did it have a crazy amount of 80s stereotypes in the first 15 minutes? Another yes. Was it pure awesome entertainment? Another big YES. I might have to make classic 80s movies a long run staple. Seriously, how can you resist a movie with these lines in it: Velcro. Next to the Walkman and Tab it is the coolest invention of the 20th Century! Janey: Do you have a date or something? Lynne: No I wish, I just know I must be horny. He's a boy and he's alive, what's there to hate? Whenever I'm in a room with a guy, no matter who it is - a date my dentist, anybody - I think, 'If we were the last two people on Earth, would I puke if he kissed me?' What is your favorite 80s movie? And it doesn't matter if you weren't born until the late 80s or even the 90s, you can't tell me you haven't seen The Breakfast Club , Say Anything , Ferris Bueller'

Friends and Guests

One of my favorite things about running is the friends I have made. Yesterday, I met these awesome girls at Yogurtland (of course) : Rachelle, Julia, Ash, Jen & Me And today I went to lunch with Alicia . I didn't think to take a picture, probably because it felt nothing like a blogger meet-up and everything like lunch with a friend, and I don't typically take pictures when I got to lunch with a friend. One thing both outings had in common: my girls. They got to tag along. Everyone is always so nice to put up with them, especially because my kids aren't always the most patient kids in the world. And the less patient they get, the more they like to bug each other. Fun stuff. Yesterday I mentioned I took part in The Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange. (You can read my post HERE .) Today you get to meet Deanne of I Am Not a Runner and enjoy her great post: So, you’ve made the decision to start getting in shape… good for you! I made that decision two years ago, after my secon

Things I Love Thursday - Maple Bars & PJs

Before I get to (some of) your questions, I wanted to let you know I participated Paula's (aka "P" @ Adventures of an Average Athlete ) Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange. My post appeared today on Laura's Boise-full Life . It has been fun to find some great new blogs and get to know some new blogging runners. So once you are done finding out some fascinating stuff about me here, head on over to Laura's blog to "Be Inspired" cuz I'm not sure the answers to your questions will qualify as inspiration. Christy said... What do love most about running and what do you hate most about it? It's hard to pick one thing I love, but it is probably the challenge. I still have times, like when I looked in the mirror at myself at 3:30 am before my last race, when I wonder Who am I? and can then answer it with I am a runner. I love that I am doing something I never thought I could or would do. As far as hating goes, I don't really hate anything about it. If t

Get some GU and other stuff

I lied. I have too much going on with work (and play) to answer your questions today. So you'll have to wait until tomorrow. That means you get tomorrow's planned post today instead. And it's a giveaway! Here's what you get: Runnerd Sticker (of course) Raspberry PowerBar Energy Blasts Lemon Lime GU Brew Apple-Cinnamon Hammer Gel Strawberry GU Chomps Brooks Playing Cards LiveSTRONG Bracelet (youth size but it fits me and most women) It's just a fun, random giveaway because my readers are so awesome. Here's how you can enter to win: Follow my blog. Leave a comment telling me you do. (1 entry) Follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter . Leave another comment telling me where you follow. (1 entry) Blog, Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway. Leave a comment telling me you did. (Up to 3 entries) The giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 10.

Race Report: Timpanogos Half Marathon 2011

I ran the Timpanogos Half Marathon on Saturday. I was a little unsure of what to expect of myself in the days leading up to the race. After being sick for over a week and two short runs on Wednesday and Thursday that were more difficult than normal because I still had a cough and congestion, I was afraid to even set any goals. Of course I wanted to PR, and a sub-1:55 would have been even more awesome, but I didn't set out with either of those goals solidified in my mind because I still wasn't feeling 100% when I went to bed Friday night. I did, however, get to bed at 8 pm, so I knew at least I would be fairly well rested. The 5:40 am start time meant I rolled out of bed at 3:20 am. Because the hubs is working nights, the babysitter got there at 4 am. One of the best things about the race was how close to home it was. It took less than 10 minutes to get to the parking lot, where I met Julia , Rachelle , Becky and Alisha. Me, Julia, Becky & Alisha On my third trip to the pot