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80s Movies Rock My Runs

Did I watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun while I ran ten miles on Saturday? Yes I did. Did it have a crazy amount of 80s stereotypes in the first 15 minutes? Another yes. Was it pure awesome entertainment? Another big YES. I might have to make classic 80s movies a long run staple.

Seriously, how can you resist a movie with these lines in it:

Velcro. Next to the Walkman and Tab it is the coolest invention of the 20th Century!

Janey: Do you have a date or something?
Lynne: No I wish, I just know I must be horny.

He's a boy and he's alive, what's there to hate?

Whenever I'm in a room with a guy, no matter who it is - a date my dentist, anybody - I think, 'If we were the last two people on Earth, would I puke if he kissed me?'

What is your favorite 80s movie? And it doesn't matter if you weren't born until the late 80s or even the 90s, you can't tell me you haven't seen The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Better Off Dead. And if you can, it's time to hit the video store or update your Netflix queue because you are missing out.

Now here are some more answers to your questions...

Running Ricig said...
Did you always love Millie as much as you do now? At first, Millie was just a necessary evil. Even with a jogging stroller, I couldn't run with my girls when it was too cold or too hot. So I got a treadmill. I grew to like it, and then I fell in love. My Letter To My Treadmill post was really the turning point.

Are you as much fun in real life as you seem on your blog? Apparently I have you fooled.

Julia said...
How do you keep that love for the TM going? Can you please share some of it? :) My ten mile run on Saturday was a reminder of why the treadmill is so great. I watched an entire movie while running, made four trips to the potty (15 feet away), and turned the A/C down so it was blowing on me almost the entire run. What isn't there to love?

What's your favorite thing to do with your girls? My favorite thing with my girls is bedtime. And not because it's bedtime. But because it is my guaranteed one-on-one time with my girls every day. They are quiet and calm and snuggly. First I read, rock and sing with my Bean. Then it's The Princess's turn, only we read, sing and then I snuggle her in her bed while she talks about the random things from her day. When Bean was born, we were going to have them share a room, but Bean is a light sleeper and The Princess talks in her sleep (a lot), so that wasn't going to work. We might reconsider it as they get older, but then bedtime would be a group activity and I would really miss that mom and me time.

Favorite summer time activity? Seven Peaks water park has been one of our favorite activities this year because the girls are finally old enough to enjoy it! I also love pushing my girls on the swings in the backyard, which happens almost every day. It is so fun to listen to their little thoughts and conversations while they swing.

Can we hang out soon? I see another trip to Yogurtland in my near future. But we might want to sit outside this time so we can hear each other.

Fair Weather Runner said...
Favorite trashy useless tv show (if you have one) and/or, what's your guilty pleasure? Bethenney Ever After is my guilty pleasure show, although I only watch about 10-15 minutes at a time while I roll or ice my muscles. And my guilty pleasure? Reading running blogs. I usually should be doing something else, but I just can't resist.

Rachelle Wardle said...
What is your favorite distance to run? 13.1 Probably good since I'll have finished at least five by the end of the year.

How do you stay so stinking skinny and so cute? I don't think of myself as skinny. And I honestly would be a lot heavier if I didn't run. I gained 25+ pounds in college, and I'm sure that number would have continued to climb if I hadn't done something about it.

What is your favorite restaurant? I tried to pick one, but I couldn't do it. I love good Italian or Mexican (not much of that around here). Carrabbas is yummy. And I have Cafe Rio almost once a week, so that says something. I love food too much to play favorites though.

Favorite post run fuel? Chocolate milk!!

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway! Winner announced tomorrow.


  1. haha...okay your response about the TM may have just convinced me...sometime when I don't live in an apartment it may just need to be an investment. YES to the Y-land trip and I LOVE sitting outside there :) And so crazy about your college comment...I was the same way...gained at least 25 if not 30lbs...running has totally saved me in a way!

  2. Too cute!! I'm gonna have to rent that movie -i've never seen it. My 80's pleasure was always Goonies. I still watch it with the girls sometimes.

  3. That's pretty much how my journey went with the treadmill too. I love her so much. I've decided to run outside more when it's nice out, but is it wrong for me to pray for rain??

    My favorite 80's movie is probably The Big Chill, but I LOVE Girls just want to have fun!

  4. So much movie goodness to choose from out of the glorious decade of the 80s, but I'd have to go with Sixteen Candles as the one I can't help but stop on when channel surfing. Also my wife's favorite, but only because she's still in love with Jake Ryan.

  5. I love some many 80's movies so I have a hard time choosing. But if I had to pick one I would say "Breakfast Club." No wait, "Sixteen Candles." No, no, maybe it was "Ferris Buellers Day Off!" See what I mean!

  6. favorite two 80s movies are
    Can't Buy me Love and Adventures in Babysitting!! :)

  7. I don't mind the treadmill as long as I have awesome A/C and a good distraction on the TV! Unfortunately, my treadmill is old and faces a concrete wall with NO HOPE for outside it is for me!

  8. ha ha this post just made my entire day! I am seriously OBSESSED with girls just wanna have fun. I watched it at least once a week in HS. Love that show so much!

    You are skinny and adorable and I love Cafe Rio too! Can you possibly do Yogurtland this Friday? Cory from fastcory is going to be in town and wants to get together. I am thinking in the afternoon around 4 maybe.

  9. Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I crack up just *thinking* about that movie!

  10. Love this. Fbueller. Can't buy me love. Ahhhh they own my heart.

    We need you back jere for some real Mexican food. None of this cafe rio crap. ;]

  11. Yes to The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Ferris Bueller's Day Off AND Better Off Dead. I love them all. I also have a very soft spot in my heart for The Never Ending Story. 80s movies rock!

  12. hey Utah blogger (i assume) I am running the south valley half too! good luck!

  13. Fun!! :) I like chocolate soy milk for my post workout refueling. Is there anything better than chocolate? :) I'm a new follower!

  14. Well the answer to that one is easy and I go beyond the mere liked the 80’s films; ‘The Breakfast Club’ really had an impact on me as a kid. I was born in 75’ and the film came out when I was 10 pretty much closing in on puberty. Not to mention what were about to be the most difficult years of my youthful life. As someone who loves film, there is no way to not mention that John Hughes did a righteous job with most of his 80’s films. I remember the 80’s fondly and had the most fun being a rebel definitely without a clue relating to Judd Nelson’s famously home wrecked character John Bender the most. While when I look back on it know I question whether I did not have a bit of all of the characters in me too. The theme song to that film is still one of my favorites and takes me back to that time when I was still laughing and still na├»ve to such a point that I had no idea the world was going to turn upside down. I have owned that film for as long as I can remember. First as a recorded TV version with these funny edited words bleeped in wherever there were any Network inappropriate words used. Then I finally graduated to my first VHS copy, which was wonderful as I actually had the entire script and no editing. Yeah, Bender could swear again, there is that scene right after he rebelliously keeps getting more detentions and as the library door closes, he screams. My edited version was so funny and I was delighted to finally have the movie the way it was meant to be seen. Time went by, eventually my VHS player ate not just any tape but my copy of ‘The Breakfast Club’, and I was irate. It sat in its alphabetized spot with the tape hanging down below the box for a long time. Then last year, I found it on DVD and I parted with my VHS copy just recently as what purpose did it serve at this point. There are quite a few films I would like to watch from the famous decade but some of them are hard to find. With a recent development in innovation, I believe I will not be having that problem anymore. Instead serious access to films from any decade and that thrills me. When talking with a colleague of mine that who also works for Dish Network about the October 1st launch of Dish Network’s new package The Blockbuster Movie Pass I was thrilled. As this is just another way, they are making my life easier and more fun. Welcome live streaming! I was thrilled to know that thousands of TV and movies could now stream to my laptop making life even more fulfilling for movie lovers. It seems like they are always coming up with fantastic ideas especially for individuals like me who are so passionate about film and are always looking for old and new titles to take me on an adventure. The Blockbuster Movie Pass will now be a combination of two of Dish Network’s prestigious packages the Dish Platinum and the Blockbuster by Mail package allowing me to stream thousands of movies with my laptop or my Dish receiver. How fantastic! I also now have access to thousands of DVD movies, TV shows and games by mail with unlimited exchange necessary for the movie buff I most certainly am. It remotely streams directly to my laptop or TV expanding my film intake by a huge amount, $10 seems a small price to pay to be exploding with art. Lying back on my couch with my cat and an enlightening 80’s film has always been the ultimate relaxation for me. I bet you have a far more fulfilling run watching ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, I think I am going to try that!


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