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Monday, August 27, 2012

September is Runnerd Month

I put together the list for the Runnerd Photo-A-Day contest/event/whatever you want to call it.

Here are the rules:
  • Leave a comment letting me know you are going to participate.
  • Post a photo that reflects the word of the day somehow. You can post on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook. Your images should be running or training or health/fitness related.
  • On Twitter, make sure you include the hashtag #runnerdphotoaday with each post.
  • On Facebook, be sure to follow the Runnerd page and include @runnerds in the comment for your picture.
  • On Instagram, become my friend (ihaverun) and include @ihaverun in your comment.
  • You will receive one entry for each picture you post (up to 30 entry possibilities). I can only count the entry if it is linked back to me somehow, otherwise I won't know about it.
  • I am ordering the Runnerd prizes this week. There will be at least five prize winners, selected by at the beginning of October. I will post the list of prizes once I know exactly what they are.
To receive extra entries, you can invite others to join the Runnerd Photo-A-Day fun before it begins on Saturday. You will receive one extra entry for each place you post (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or your blog). That's up to 4 extra entries total. Be sure to let me know you shared the Runnerd Photo-a-Day love so you get the extra entries!

Be creative. We don't want everyone doing the same thing with their pics. If I absolutely love your pic and post it on my blog during the month, you'll get an extra entry.

And don't worry if you miss a day or don't start on day one. I want this to be fun!

And now for the list:
September 1 - time
September 2 - sweat
September 3 - up
September 4 - inspire
September 5 - kitchen
September 6 - fun
September 7 - reflection
September 8 - show
September 9 - ready
September 10 - strong
September 11 - watch
September 12 - food
September 13 - logo
September 14 - looking down
September 15 - book
September 16 - friend
September 17 - run
September 18 - how you feel
September 19 - in
September 20 - technology
September 21 - circle
September 22 - first
September 23 - grow
September 24 - new
September 25 - word
September 26 - red
September 27 - favorite
September 28 - song
September 29 - personality
September 30 - runnerd

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've been in a funk the last few days. I don't know if it's the adjustment to sending my girls off to school or not running since the weekend (ellipticizing and cycling just aren't the same thing!) or what it is exactly, but I've just been blah all week. I don't know how else to put it.

Maybe I should ask my husband. He's been thoroughly enjoying my cheerfulness! I bet he could put it into words. But he's not here and he'd probably be too nice about it anyway. That's just how he is.

So we'll stick with blah.

The Princess's first day of first grade. Bean started preschool the day before.

The lack of running is because my leg had been hurting since my long run last weekend. My hamstring had been bugging me, but then it turned into pain that runs down the back of my leg behind my knee and into my upper calf. I've been icing and rolling like it's my job. And the leg is starting to feel better. Luckily cycling and ellipticizing don't hurt, so I've been able to do something.

Another something I've been doing is this Photo-A-Day thing on Instagram. It has been fun! There is a different word for each day of the month, and everyone participating posts a picture from their life that fits that word. Here are a few of mine:

Surprisingly, only a few have been running related. But there could have been more. I just don't want my non-running friends to get too annoyed. However, I've decided to make September the Runnerd's Photo-A-Day month! Before the September 1st, I'll post the list of daily words. Then anyone who wants can participate by posting a photo each day on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. There will be prizes. Runnerd prizes. More details to come with the list of words!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Millie

I decided it's time to introduce you to Millie and share one of my favorite little corners of the world. Okay, maybe not the world. But I do love my Millie. And her little corner.

This is my running board where I keep my training plan and motivation and where I scribble my moments of inspiration (but mostly just my interval repeats) while I am running. Below it is my Run the Slam plaque and medals.

The rest of my medals are hanging on the other side of Millie. The hubs had the Believe medal hanger waiting for me after the St. George Marathon last year. My headbands, foam rollers and ball also hang out on that side. Sometimes my ball gets thrown across the room mid-run if I end up kicking it too much. Only once have I kicked it, making it bounce enough that it ended up running down the treadmill belt. Luckily it was on the side enough that it didn't take me with it. 

The treadmill TV is pointless because it can't  hook up to satellite. I really don't like to watch TV while I run though, so I don't mind. Covering Millie's display is a picture my little Bean colored for me a year or so ago. It was her contribution after The Princess added the "C" sticker to the left side.

The Princess also added this sticker to the right side. I love seeing her little motivation every time I run.

I can't introduce Millie without showing my Bean's awesome Barbie radio she lets me use when I run.

And while I was taking pics of Millie, The Princess decided to take advantage of the treadmill being down (it folds up) to test out her new running clothes. A few minutes after I took this, I went back on and she had her hair in a ponytail and one of my headbands on. Then about five minutes later, she was using Millie as a stage while she sang and danced to my running playlist that was blaring on the Barbie radio. I might just have to try my own little concert after a run one of these days.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Race Report (sort of): Timpanogos Half Marathon

Wow things have been busy around here! I'm sure the two people who still read my blog have been DYING to know what is going on in my oh-so-glamorous life. I'm sure you've been holding your breath waiting for a race report on a race I didn't even mention before it happened. But even with a new PR to shout about, life has continued marching on with or without the blog. So instead of a full blown race report, you get this...a bullet point recap of the race and a few of the other highlights from my life as of late.

  • Timpanogos Half Marathon - I went into this hoping for a PR, but I thought it was a long shot. I set a PR there last year with a 1:52:39. I was shocked when I beat that at the Utah Valley Half Marathon this year in June with a 1:50:51. I remember when I wanted to get under 2 hours so bad. So I felt like under 1:50 was just crazy. But I crossed the Timp Half in 1:47:01. My watch  stopped keeping track of pace and miles when it hit 10.72 miles. So I had no idea how fast I was running the last few miles. I didn't see a mile marker when there was a mile left, so I really had no idea what my final time would be until I saw people turning the corner that led to the finish. I was crazy excited! Getting a congratulatory hug from Rachelle almost made me cry. And then texting Julia to share my excitement just added to the happiness. She showed up a few minutes later because she is so awesome that she planned her long run to finish at the end of our race. I adore those girls. And I miss Julia terribly!!

Julia, Me, Rachelle
  • The week after the race, I headed to Arizona. My parents live there, otherwise I wouldn't even consider being there in July and August. But I survived. Although my parents keep their treadmill in the garage, I braved the temperatures and ran on it twice. I also ran in the pool once and rode their stationary bike once, which is thankfully in the bliss of their air conditioned house. Other than that, I gave myself a pass because I was on "vacation." Besides the little bit of running I did, my girls and I spent a majority of our time staying cool in the pool.

  • Now that I'm home, I'm back at it. Marathon training doesn't run itself. To get motivated yesterday, I put this shirt on first thing in the morning. It worked.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Traveling Gummy Bears

It's late, and I'm tired. But I love my I Have Runnerds, so here are the winners of the Haribo gummy bears:

  • Emz
  • Bethp262
  • Julie W.
  • Clarinda
  • Meredith M.
  • Ellen Holley
  • Susan S.
  • Marti Messner Family
Please send your mailing info to, and I'll get your gummy bears (coupon) in the mail right away! The rest of you...check back tomorrow for the details of my latest race, which I am still smiling about five days later!!

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