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Thankful Thursday

Yesterday, The Princess asked why I always run. I said it is to keep my heart healthy and it makes me happy. Then my Bean added, "And so you are not fat. You're flat." Love that kid. I am thankful for all the things running does for me, including keeping me more flat than fat. And before this month of gratitude comes to a close, here are a few more things I am thankful for: That my little Bean still wants me to carry her sometimes. Since my baby-making days are over, I want to hold on to the little bit of baby left in her as long as I can! That I have the luxury of running while my girls are at school. I realize how lucky I am each and every time I head out on a run during those few hours. That The Princess is so sensitive to the world around her. It makes me sad to think that the world will eventually toughen her up. For my body. Some days I like it more than others, but I love it every day for it's strength and for everything it allows me to do. For pray

Runnerd Photo-A-Day Challenge: Holiday Edition

Runnerd Photo-A-Day Challenge Holiday Edition Dec. 1 – Red              Dec. 2 – Bells           Dec. 3 – Holly             Dec. 4 – Peace           Dec. 5 – Santa           Dec. 6 – Elf               Dec. 7 – Snow            Dec. 8 – Magic              Dec. 9 – Merry             Dec. 10 – Believe            Dec. 11 – Tradition           Dec. 12 – Ribbon                Dec. 13 – Green               Dec. 14 – Lights Dec. 15 – List  D ec. 16 – Favorite Dec. 17 – Jolly Dec. 18 – Tinsel Dec. 19 – Joy Dec. 20 – Stocking Dec. 21 – Meaning Dec. 22 – Winter Wonderland Dec. 23 – Toy Dec. 24 – Star Dec. 25 – Miracle Dec. 26 –Gift   Dec. 27 – Vacation Dec. 28 – Family Dec. 29 –Smile Dec. 30 –Treat  Dec. 31 –New Please leave a comment letting me know you are participating. Include your Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook name in the comment so I can follow you. Photos can be posted o

Would you do it?

  Are you interested in doing a Runnerd Photo-a-Day Challenge: Holiday Edition? I've seen a couple of other photo-a-day lists going around on Instagram, and just wondered if there are enough runnerds out there who want to do our own version? Please leave a comment and let me know! I'll post the list tomorrow if we have enough interested... Happy Tuesday!!         Image source

A winner, a PR and things to come

Nothing like drawing things out. Yep, I'm finally announcing the winner of the Thermos Water Bottle Giveaway!! And the winner (chosen by is... Laurel C Laurel, send your mailing info to me at , and I'll make sure you get your bottle! Other than that excitement, here is a summary of the latest in my world: I ran a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I set a new PR with a 22:55 finish. My girls ran the kids 1/2 mile loop on Thanksgiving. The Princess tore it up; however my little Bean wanted me to carry her most of the time and told me about halfway that she doesn't like races. She was pretty excited about the medal though, so that may have softened her a little for future races. The kids got the same medal as the runners who finished the half marathon. It is more than twice as big as mine. Can't say that I blame her for being so excited about it. Friday I met some awesome friends/blogging runners at Yogurtland (of course). Jen ,

Color me a runner? Mud not included.

I'm starting to feel like I'm the only runner out there who hasn't done a Dirty Dash/Mud Run or a Color Run. And I feel like I may be banned from the running community for admitting that I have no desire to run either type of race. Here's my why. As far as crawling through mud and jumping over and around obstacles...I could do it. But I don't really love being covered in mud. And more importantly, I worry about getting injured. Twisting an ankle. Tweaking a knee. Breaking my tailbone. Just not worth the risk in my book. It would mean no running. Have I mentioned I love running? Source Then there's getting chalk or whatever it is thrown at me while I run. In general, I don't like having things thrown at me. I don't think I'd love being covered in it either. While I'm sweating. Ewww. And I typically prefer fresh air while running. Source That's just my two cents on this lovely Monday afternoon. Don't forget to enter t

Vacuum, Hydration and Giveaway...all in one place

I'm not gonna lie. I have failed at my resolution to be a better blogger in 2012. Luckily there's always next year.   I have, however, done a little better on my resolution to drink more water. And with that lead-in...   BAM   A giveaway announcement!!   But first you have to look at what I'm giving away in various spots throughout my house/life.   There it is with my lunch one day last week (which also happens to be what I had for lunch today).   There it is on Millie. Just hanging out while I went for a little run.   There it is on my desk, keeping me company while I worked. Chilling on a completely unnecessary SF Giants coaster.   And last but not least, cheesy proof that I take it everywhere these days.     The IT in all the pics happens to be a hydration bottle with Thermos brand vacuum insulation technology . This bottle rocks. It is my new favorite. I usually have a cup of water sitting next to the sink in the kitchen and usua

All about the outfit (and giveaway winners)

After taking the week off from running because my calves were so sore after my half marathon, I finally went for an easy six mile run on Saturday morning. And although my calves were still a little tight, I loved every second. I tried out some new shoes (more on those in another post), which felt great and were a nice change for my feet and calves. And I finally got to wear the new shirt and capris I bought at the expo before last Saturday's race. Someday I'll figure out how to get a picture of my body and my face at the same time. This is the best I can seem to do. But it's all about the outfit anyway. The capris have stitching that matches the shirt. Luckily I have a lot of pink running clothes that will also match them. I just wish I'd bought the shirt in a few other colors too. I am really short on long sleeved running shirts, and after the 60% expo discount, this one was only $14. And I love it! How were your weekend runs?? I officially ended the Huggies