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Monday, October 17, 2016

Get Lucky

You may have noticed I'm married when I run lately. At least that is how Grace puts it. And she diligently checks to see if I am "married" each time I get ready to go run.

I've never worn my wedding ring when I run because it is annoying and top heavy and gets sweaty underneath. And when I wear gloves to keep my hands warm, I am so paranoid about my ring coming off and getting lost when I remove my gloves. 

So I'm very happy to have found Lucky Rings!

Here's a little proof:

Yes, I even wore one during my last marathon!

Lucky Rings sent me their 7-pack of women's silicone wedding rings, and I LOVE them! They are lightweight and fit perfectly, and I don't even notice I have a ring on when I'm working out or running. They also sent Scott some rings, which is great because he rarely wears his wedding ring to work because of the nature of his job, so he can now wear his Lucky Rings and be married too!

You can receive 20% your own order of Lucky Rings order with the code: ihaverun20

I know you'll love them as much as I do!

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