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Three Things Thursday - Sanity Edition

1- I should clarify my comment in my last post about so many runners becoming bikers and swimmers. I was talking about the people who are developing a passion for these other sports, not those who do them to cross train. I am all for cross training and have (and use) a bike to prove it. I just can't imagine myself becoming passionate about it like I am about running, but I admire people who tackle all three sports. 2- I did my speedwork on the treadmill yesterday and man did I need that run! It was the first time I have cried during a regular old run. It was just that kind of day. I could go on and on about the things that were bothering me, but what really put me over the edge of sanity is I am starting to think someone took my 4-year-old princess while she was sleeping recently and replaced her with a screeching, squealing little person with a crazy amount of energy and attitude who is smart beyond her years, which is awesome sometimes but was not such a good thing yesterday. I

Lazy Days of Summer

I don't know if it's because it is summer or if it's just me, but it seems like so many of you running bloggers are becoming bikers and swimmers as well! While I have spent my fair share of time in the pool lately, I am still a runner through and through. Tomorrow our Arizona adventures end and we head home. The only weather-related thing we will miss is the 94 degree pool water. Our 75 degree pool at home is going to feel very cold now! It has been a fun, relaxing break. You would think all my spare time would have meant more blogging, but I was beyond lazy the last week. I got my runs in though, which is what really matters. The running plan for this week is: Tempo run: 4 miles Speedwork : 2 x 1200m (2 min RI) & 4 x 800m (2 min RI) Hills: 6-8 two minute intervals Long run: 10 miles RUN: I love how many other bloggers are marathon training right now. Only 74 days until my marathon!

Stinkin' Hot

When we stopped for gas on our road trip to Arizona, The Princess got out of the car and moaned, "Why is it so freakin ' hot?" I reminded her that I'd warned her it was going to be hot in Arizona (then we had a little chat about not using the word freakin ' ) . Several times today, she has commented about how stinkin ' hot it is. She doesn't have to tell me though. I was the one up at 5:00 am to run when the temps had "cooled off" into the 90s. I survived by drinking LOTS of water and stopping to mop my face with a cool towel a few times. I only braved three miles. I figured between trying to adjust to the ridiculous heat (seriously, how crazy do you have to be to live in this oven??) and easing back into running regularly, three miles was a good choice. I am doing speedwork tomorrow and then eight miles on Saturday. I am still trying to figure out what time I need to get up to make sure I finish before the sun comes up; I think I might do the

Three Things Thursday - Two Miles Edition

1 - I ran two miles today. Tomorrow would have marked two weeks since my last run. I decided to try two miles today and move up to three miles tomorrow if everything felt good. And everything felt good. While I've learned to appreciate the bike a little more in the past two weeks, there is nothing like a run. I am looking forward to three miles tomorrow, and then I will evaluate how far to run on Saturday. 2 - Your comments, suggestions and encouragement were AMAZING and exactly what I needed to get my shin pain gone, gone, gone. Lots of shin/calf strengthening and some rockin' new compression leg sleeves have really helped things get back to normal. My goal for the next 85 days is to train smart and stay healthy. 3 - I went without Internet for almost a week AGAIN. They finally came and fixed it this morning. If I haven't stopped by your blog lately, that is why. I have missed so much and can't wait to read about all the running done over the holiday weekend! RUN: The

Three Things Thursday - American Fourth Edition

1. Because I am training for my next marathon and didn't want to get off track any more than necessary because of my shin, I went to my sports medicine ortho on Wednesday. I was pretty sure the pain wasn't a stress fracture, but it was nice to have him say he was pretty sure as well. He didn't want to do a bone scan unless the pain gets worse, and it has in fact gotten better. He did say to give it some rest and then cross train until the pain is completely gone. It feels good enough that I am giving the bike a go tomorrow. I am also in the process of reworking my marathon training schedule. As of Saturday, I will be down to 13 weeks until race day. I told my hubby that I will "run" it, even if it takes me all day. I've put too much into it already to call it quits. 2. It has been hard to not run, but it has also given me time to finish the ginormous book I was reading, Stephen King's Under the Dome. I finished this afternoon, and it was worth all 1072 pag