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Monday, February 25, 2013

Albion Fit Giveaway (Yes, I'm still alive)

This post is waaaaay overdue. Not just because it has been too long since my last post (dang life getting in the way of blogging), but because I have something exciting to share.

And if you know my blog at all, exciting = giveaway.

I was contacted by Albion Fit, a woman's fitness line, to test out, review and give away their GO Long Crew (with thumb holes!).

I chose to try it in the rust color, which was more orange than I expected. But the color has grown on me. I love the length, and it is soooo soft.

The first time I wore it, I just hung out in it all morning. I got a size small, and it fits just right.

The second time I tested it out, I wore it running. It isn't very attractive covered in sweat and probably won't be added to the running clothes rotation. But...
...the next time I wore it to do yoga. And it was perfect. I hate being cold when I do yoga, but I also don't like to get too warm, so this was the perfect shirt. It is lightweight enough to keep me from getting too hot, but the long sleeves kept me from freezing until I warmed up, and the thumbholes kept it in place.

I love it. And with the price at just $28 I might have to get another one or two. You can get it in several different colors and with or without ($24) thumbholes. Since I've finally given in to wearing leggings that aren't just meant for running, these shirts are perfect.

The Go Long Crew is just one of the awesome things you can get from Albion Fit. I can't wait to try out the Match Point Pleat Skirt (I love ruffles!) and The Love Racer (looks perfect for summer running). If you are lucky enough to live in Utah, you can visit the new Albion store that is opening next month at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City.

If you aren't in Utah, be sure to check out all the cute fitness and swimwear online. And enter my giveaway for a Go Long Crew of your own, and you will be emailed a coupon code for $15 off $50 or more between now and March 13.

Here's how to enter to win a Go Long Crew in the color and size of your choice:

  • Like Albion Fit on Facebook HERE. Leave a comment letting me know you did. (Required- 1 entry)
  • Check out the Albion Fit site HERE and leave a separate comment letting me know what item you like best. (Required - 1 entry)
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Leave a comment letting me know you shared it or tag me in your post (@ihaverun on Twitter and Instagram). (Optional - 3 possible additional entries)
Once you have entered, either leave your email address in a comment or email me at for your coupon code. Winner will be selected by and announced Friday, March 8.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

I am not a Barbie. My blog header is totally tongue in cheek. One of my first running friends/fellow bloggers started calling me Runner Barbie. I thought it was funny. I made it my header. That's it. I am sooooo far from a Barbie.

I don't wear enough makeup to be a Barbie. I'm only 5'7" and I'm sure Barbie is at least 5'10". I hardly ever wear heels. Barbie almost always wears heels. Apparently Barbie can be anything. Even President. Pretty sure I'll never be President. Not even president of the PTA (you couldn't pay me). And let's just say anatomically we are pretty different too.

Need more proof that I'm not a Barbie? The other day I ran into someone I see almost EVERY DAY when I drop my daughter off at school. Only I saw this person at the Redbox on a rest day. I said hello to her and to her son, who is in my daughter's class. When I saw the confusion on his face, I told him whose mom I am. Then it clicked with the mom. Then she told me she didn't recognize me because I wasn't in my "exercise clothes."

Seriously, I didn't think I look that different in my running clothes than the rest of the time. Apparently I was wrong. But I don't really care. Before I started running I probably would have cared. But I don't put my running clothes on in the morning to impress anyone. I put them on because they have a purpose. And that purpose is to run. And running makes me feel strong and confident. So if that's what a Barbie is, then I guess you can call me a Barbie.

How's that for a random, rambling Monday night post?!?

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