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Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm expecting my superpowers and new cape any day now!

I was reminded of two important things recently. The first is running related. The second is a life lesson.

Reminder #1 - Be careful what you eat before a long run. I've heard it is important to start fueling with a long run or race in mind several days ahead of time and that what you eat two nights before may actually affect your run more than what you eat the night before.

I have also heard that runners who struggle with stomach/GI issues should cut back on dairy in the days leading up to a race or long run.

I found these things to be very true on my long run last week. Two nights before, I ate a lot of ice cream. Like a ridiculous amount of ice cream. I regularly battle stomach issues after I run, especially after my long runs, but I have found things that minimize my tummy troubles, such as figuring out when and what to eat the morning of my run and that I need to get something in my stomach pretty soon after I finish. I followed my regular long run morning routine and felt ok when I began, but my stomach began to cramp off and on about eight miles into my 14. The only thing that stood out as being different from past long runs was the amount of dairy that was still working its way through my system.

I felt so sick afterward that I couldn't drink my usual chocolate milk for almost an hour after I finished. And I had to take a break and lie on my bed every few minutes after I showered, while trying to get ready. I even blew my hair dry sitting on the floor because I was feeling so lousy.

I will be much more careful about what I eat in the days leading up to my long runs from now on!

Reminder #2 - If you think something nice about a person, say it out loud.

Last Thursday, a woman I had just met and was doing some work with told me I was pretty. I didn't grow up being told I was pretty and it is not something I've heard a lot in my life (other than from my husband who is ridiculously a good way), so it caught me a little off guard but made me feel really good.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think girls and women should base their self worth on their outward appearance, and how pretty someone is doesn't affect their value as a person, especially since everyone's idea of what is beautiful is different. But I do think it is important to compliment others and recognize positive things about them.

I try to focus on all the wonderful things about my girls. I tell them they are pretty because I truly think they are both beautiful. But I also tell them they are smart, creative, thoughtful, kind, hard working, talented and so many other things.

If someone never hears something positive, sadly it makes it harder to believe it about ourselves. So the next time you think someone is smart or funny or pretty, tell them. You'll both be glad you did.

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