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Eat home (a giveaway)

Last week I had a guest post by Becky Reese, founder of The Sexy Mom's Running Club, about loving your body. For me, I find that loving my body is easier when I am eating things that make me feel healthy and that fuel me so I can run and stay active. Becky graciously sent me a copy of this amazing cookbook that makes it easier to do just that:  This cookbook helps you plan meals that use only 20 seasonal ingredients per week to cook five weeknight dinners. I am so excited to start trying some of the amazing recipes in this book, and I'm even more excited to share a copy of the book with one of you!! Here's how you can enter to win The Fresh 20 : 1 - Like The Sexy Mom's Running Club on Facebook or follow on Twitter . Leave a comment letting me know which you did. (Required - 1 entry) 2 - Post about this giveaway on Instagram (tag @ihaverun), Twitter (tag @ihaverun) and/or Facebook (tag the I Have Run page). (Optional - up to 3 entries) The winner

Love your body! (Guest post by Becky Reese)

As a mom and a runner, sometimes I feel as if the miles and time have not been kind to me. With the kids and with training for three upcoming half marathons, sometimes I just don’t recognize myself.   I think the sore muscles and bags under my eyes (not to mention frequent cab duty) sometimes make me feel not so good about myself.   Here are some tips to help you start loving your body again. ·         Find an oil that you like.   I’m not talking about cooking or olive oils! I’m talking about therapeutic oils - whether it be a lavender, spice, flower or whatever your favorite fragrance is.   I personally love lavender due to its calming effect.   I put four droppers full in my bubble bath immediately after my long runs, and I just soak it in.   I have even found some lavender Epsom salts that I add when I am feeling sore. ·         Get fitted for a new pair of running shoes. Besides the terrific feel   of retail therapy, a new pair of shoes feels so good!   And let’s face it

I Love Food (and not just for the obvious reasons)

Yesterday's run was my hardest run in a long time. I was completely drained from the start. While I could have blamed it on the heat and humidity, that I was running later in the morning than usual, that my legs were tired from doing T25 every day or that I had run a hilly eight miles the day before, I knew the real reason. I was hungry. I was hungry the night before when I went to bed. I was hungry when I woke up in the morning. And I was still hungry after I ate my pre-run banana. Now for the reason I was unusually hungry. Last week I added T25 to my training. Cross training has really helped with my injury prevention, and I felt like T25 could do both that and help me focus on my core strength more, which is important as a runner. I decided to give the T25 5-Day Fast Track meal plan a try this week. I knew the 1100 calorie plan would be hard to follow with my running mileage, so I added a few extras on the first day - a frozen juice pop, half of a slice of zucchini bread

Things I Love Thursday - Winners

The winner of the $25 Janji giveaway is: Mistalyn!!!!!! Email me at for details on how to get your $25 gift certificate. Congratulations!! The winner of the water bottle (also chosen by (but I was too lazy to take a screenshot and post it) is: susans13. Please send your mailing info to me at Thank you again to Janji for sponsoring this giveaway!!

Run for Another: Janji Review and Giveaway!

I am picky about what I wear running. If I love something, it becomes a regular part of my rotation. If I don't, it either sits in my closet untouched or gets worn once in a while for a short treadmill run or on a cross training day. I recently received two additions to my running wardrobe that have been added to the regular rotation. Janji sent me shorts and shirt to try out. The shirt is the first yellow addition to my running clothes. I love it. It fits great, and it doesn't make me hot (and I've worn it on two pretty toasty runs). And the shorts remind me a lot of my Lululemon shorts, which are my favorites! Not only does Janji make great running clothes though, they began the company with the promise to "use the power of running to create a healthier and happier world." It is doing this by donating a  portion of proceeds to fund organizations that are alleviating the worst problems related to food and water in countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Haiti and