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Things I Love Thursday: Food

I've heard other people talk about how they get incredibly hungry during marathon training. I've trained for four marathons and never really understood what they were talking about. Apparently it kicks in when training for the fifth marathon. I am starving. All. The. Time. Seriously famished. I eat until I can't eat any more. Then once the full feeling subsides, it turns directly in to ravenous hunger. There is no grace period where I feel blissfully and comfortably satiated. The only good thing I can say is that this crazy hunger didn't kick in until this week. With only a little over three weeks to go, I'm hoping I can keep things under control and not gain any weight. So far I've been able to curb my hunger (so very temporarily) with a snack like a boiled egg when I really just wanted to down an entire bag of cheese puffs (and I don't even like cheese puffs!). And I had a smoothie for breakfast when I could have inhaled an entire box of cereal. So y

Things I Love Thursday: Running

Somehow it is Thursday again already. And somehow a Thursday went by without me even realizing it. I like to pretend things will slow down once my girls are out of school for the summer. But the reality is that things will just be a different kind of busy. Anyhow, I know it's pretty much a given that I love running. I mean #iloverunning is even a hashtag on many of my Instagram posts. But I want to talk about some of the reasons I love it. Some of the reasons I have talked about on here before. Other reasons are obvious. But I've been thinking a lot about why I love running since Monday's events in Boston. So here are some of the things I've been thinking: Running brings me peace. When I'm sad or frustrated or mad or confused, running somehow puts my emotions in check. I always see things a little more clearly after a run. Running has changed my life. It has brought people into my life that I'm never letting go. It has taught me I'm so much stronger

Things I Love Thursday: Long Runs

I don't always love long runs. But lately, they've been making me happy. This week, I did my long run today instead of on Saturday, as usual. With my girls out of school for spring break, it just worked out better with our "staycation" plans. I couldn't have asked for better weather. And in spite of running the past three days, my legs felt really good. I remembered to take my anti-nausea pill, I only drank water, and I took my electrolyte tablets every 45 minutes. I feel like I've finally figured out what works for me, and I'm sticking with it. A little inspiration from my awesome runnerd friend Julia (in the form of the perfect text) also helped get me through the miles. My runner friends are always so inspiring and encouraging when I'm tackling a long or tough run! I am so blessed to have them in my life. The run wasn't easy. I'm not sure running 20 miles ever will be (at least for me). But I felt amazing afterward, my legs still ar