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Big Cottonwood Marathon - A recap of sorts

Running 26.2 miles, no matter what the course is like or how well you have trained, is hard. I still don't love the distance, but there is nothing like crossing the finish line of a marathon. Nothing. On September 14, I completed Big Cottonwood Marathon. Here are a few things I never want to forget, things I always want to remember and things that worked for me. Things I Never Want to Forget This moment.... When I got home, I went upstairs to shower, with a little detour to register for Boston.   I saw my family for the first time at mile 17. It was really the first time you could see spectators, and I tried to take in the sight as much as I could! I have only cried happy tears a handful of times in my life. This day was one of them. Especially when I texted the person who has believed in me and cheered me on through it all more than anyone, other than my family. I did get to have a mostly incoherent phone call with her a few minutes later. Both are moments I will a

I'm Going to Boston!

Dream big. And never give up on your dreams! A year ago, I wouldn't have let myself dream I could ever qualify for the Boston Marathon. On Saturday, I ran Big Cottonwood Marathon and qualified, with 18 minutes to spare!!

Things I Love Thursday - Choices

I'm pretty sure by the end of this post, you will be thoroughly sick of the word choose in all its forms. But bear with me. This is something I have thought about a lot, and I think it might have some meaning to at least one other person out there. I've been thinking about how the choices we make can often affect our lives in big ways or lots of small ways. I chose to have two children. I constantly choose to put them first. But I also choose to set a good example for them. I choose to spend their school time running. I am fortunate that I don't have to work outside the home, which allows me to budget the time they are in school how I choose. I choose to wake up early most Saturday mornings to run. I could sleep in. I choose not to.  I choose to make healthy eating choices. I also choose to eat a cupcake every week. These choices make me happy. As I have made the choices that have led to me becoming a better runner, I have found the quote above to be so true. I didn't s

Things I Love Thursday - Three Things

I decided to combine my Things I Love Thursday with a Three Things Thursday because it just feels like a bullet points kind of day. So here are three things I'm loving... 1. The birthday girl. My Bean turned five today. Five!! It's hard to believe she came into my life that long ago! I am so blessed to have this spunky, animated, little snug bug in my life.   2. Key lime Accel Gel. Okay, so maybe "love" is a little extreme. But I'm tolerating it, and it will be my go-to fuel during upcoming races. 3. Giveaways. I have two entries to give away to the Color Me Rad 5k race in Orem, Utah on September 28! You can find out more about the race HERE . What you really need to know is it will be fun. And I'm running it too. Yes, I'm stepping out of my running comfort zone to give this race a try!! And since the race can sell iteself better than I can, here's a little more about it: If you're allergic to the metric system, corn starch, or u