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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Your comments on my last post prove that we are part of a community of accepting, compassionate and passionate runners. Thanks for reminding me that those women are a tiny minority in a big group of amazing runners.

Thanks also for your many headband comments. I am not sold on Bondi Bands, just because they are so wide. I'm still debating whether or not to give them a try. I will let you know what ends up being the Holy Grail of headbands (at least for me) when I find it.

In spite of continuing headbands woes, I have been running. I am LOVING the fall weather and took advantage of the cooler evenings and ran with my girls a few times to get a break from my other treadmill runs during the week. My long run was planned for Friday because Sunday was my little Bean's birthday so Saturday was going to be prep day. I headed out around 6:30 with my Bean while The Princess and the hubs hung out at home. The plan was an out and back so I could put Bean to bed and then head back out. We did six miles, and then I probably would have called it quits if I hadn't promised The Princess I would take her next. The Bean went to bed, and I headed back out. We only made it 1.25 miles. I was crazy tired, both the sleepy kind and the kind that makes you check your Garmin every few minutes because you could swear you are running 15:00 miles. When I put my tiredness together with the effort it took to push the jogger in the not so cool temps that evening and an ache in my hip, I decided my body was trying to tell me something.

I had hoped to squeeze in some miles to kind of make up for Friday's fail while the girls napped on Saturday, but I used that precious quiet time to get some work done on this...

I have three weekends between now and race day. My longest run of my training plan is this Saturday. I had my first (ever) marathon dream Sunday night and have started spending a lot of time visualizing the race and telling myself that I CAN do THIS. I am hoping my mind is as strong (or stronger) than my body on race day, so I'm giving it some training too!

RUN: The high for tomorrow and Friday is 70 degrees. Have I mentioned I LOVE fall and winter?


  1. Take it easy on the hip! You are going to do great in your marathon!

  2. Holy cow - that cake is SOOOO cute! I LOVE it!
    Good luck with the marathon - you will rock it!

  3. Love the cake .... pretty much love anything associated with Toy Story.
    You're going to do great in the marathon. You've put in the work and it will all pay off.

  4. Did you seriously make that cake? That is amazing! You need your own business.

    Woohoo--almost taper time! Make sure you use that time wisely to rest up and get your mind/body ready for the big day. Don't try to cram in any extra miles during that time--your work is almost done!

  5. You will rock that marathon! We all know you can do it!!!

    Awesome Toy Story cake!!

  6. Holy mackerel that cake is awesome! I love it!

  7. Your cake is amazing. Really.

    I love that your took both kids running with you. And that they ask to go. So sweet.

    Don't fret about race day. It's just another run. (okay one you paid to run and maybe got a shirt for and will run with more friends than you thought you even had and they'll probably give you a medal at the finish but otherwise it's just another run. ;-)

  8. holy friggin cake that is soooo cool.

    runner/bloggers are the best ever and providing great perspective

    sweaty bands, seriously I live in them now. thinner and cuter than bondi

  9. That cake is AMAZING!!!!
    You're ready to rock your marathon, of course you can do it! Good thinking, to train your mind as well as your body.

  10. Did you make that cake? WOW! Be my mom so I can get cool cakes like that!

    You will be ready for your race! You can do anything you set your mind to do. I hope you will continue to have great cool weather!

  11. What an awesome cake. We love Toy Story, even though Toy Story 3 made me cry far too much.
    Visualization is key and, wow, so much easier on your legs.
    And like you, I am forever thankful that we have 4 distinct seasons. There's so much to enjoy in each one, and there's nothing like the smell of fallen leaves during your run on a crisp Autumn day.

  12. I love that cake! I have incredible respect for you running and pushing the jogger.

  13. Have I mentioned I'm so happy I found your blog?!?!

    Love it!

    Love that cake!!

  14. Love love the cake. Shelly and TMB are both making bands and have Etsy shops..


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