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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On the road to a happy leg

Last week I had 5 runs, 51 miles, 8:14 average pace.

20 of those miles were Saturday. After going to the doctor on Friday to try to determine the cause of my shin/calf pain, which has been hanging around for the past month, I was cleared to tackle my long run. However, I am supposed to try several different things to help my leg begin to heal. These include massage, which I have already been getting fairly regularly from the hubs, KT Tape, and a few other things.

Luckily one of these things was not to stop running. I am fortunate to have a doctor who is also a runner and who knows me well enough to not even try to keep me from running unless it really is the only option. However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to run pain free. And the sooner the better, since Boston is only 33 days away.

My 20 on Saturday was incredible. One of my best runs in a long time, and one of my best 20 milers ever. My legs felt strong and never felt tired. I GUed at miles 4, 10 and 15.

As someone who once avoided any kind of fuel other than Powerade, I am quickly beginning to appreciate what proper fueling can do. My stomach didn't bother me at all during and was even happy after my run, which is usually when it totally rebels. I forgot my salt tablets, so I made sure to stay really hydrated. Luckily my awesome crew, Team I Have Run (aka the hubs and my girls), met me about a half dozen times throughout my run with water and lots of cheerleading.

Monday I ran five easy miles. I could really feel the pain in my leg, and it never eased up. Usually it starts to feel better after a mile or two, but not this time. So yesterday I did nine miles on the elliptical and spent some quality time with my massage therapist friend Josse, who gave my leg a deep rub down and good scrape, which is officially known as Gua Sha. I have been hesitant to try something like this, but I have only heard positive things about it and liked the idea of being able to go to someone I know and feel totally comfortable with, so I gave it a try. My calf and shin, other than feeling tender and bruised, seems to be doing better already. I'll let you know how it does on my next run!!

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