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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Learned and a Photo Update

I took a break. A much needed break. But I'm back. I've been back on IG for a while, but I'll be back to posting here and on FB and on the Runnerd FB and IG pages now as well.

I learned a lot from my little break. Mostly things about myself. If you find yourself taking away anything negative from your interactions with social media, I highly recommend a little break from it. It helps clear things up and makes you see the world more like it really is. More importantly, it lets you see YOURSELF more like you really are.

Speaking of breaks, I took 4 days off from running last week. I had Thursday and Friday as planned rest days because I was supposed to run the Phoenix Half Marathon on Saturday. After my Bean ran a fever Wednesday night, I felt like we should take her into the pediatrician before heading out of town on Thursday. She has been sick off and on with a cold and ear infections, with some strange symptoms mixed in, over the past month, so it just seemed like the right call. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, so we headed home and unpacked the car.

I decided with two days of rest behind me already, this was a good chance to take another couple of days off and see if I could finally get over the ankle pain I have battled since September and some calf pain I've had off and on the past month. The rest seemed to have done some good on my run yesterday. Today my calf was a little sore during my run, but I'm icing it and downing Ibuprofen like a pro.

And now, since pictures are easier to wade through than paragraphs of randomness, here's a little pictures.
We celebrated the hub's birthday in style!

We felt all the love on Valentine's Day!!

I ran the She Runs Half Marathon, which ended up being 14.45 miles. It was an experience worth a post all its own.

Scooter weather returned!!!

We finally saw the Lego movie. And it did not disappoint.

The girls rocked it at The Home Depot.

The girls watched the Oscars red carpet with me, which I hope is just the beginning of many Academy Award watching events together!

I added a new medal to my collection. My favorite medal so far. And probably forever. 

After I couldn't run Phoenix, the family was going to have a half marathon for me on Saturday. With aid stations, a medal, and all. When I didn't run Saturday, I wanted to earn that medal anyway because it needed to be proudly added to the others hanging above my treadmill. So I ran a 13.1 tempo run yesterday to kick off the week.

Stayed tuned for a running recap at the end of the week, as requested by a particularly hungry runner girl I know.


  1. Great to see you back! That is a very special medal.

  2. Welcome back my dear. I loved the Lego movie (that Spike and I saw, just the two of us, no shame here!) and glad you did too. Sorry to hear about Bean's pneumonia, that is no bueno, I hope she is feeling better.

    LOVE that medal, definitely the best one you've ever earned. <3


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