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Candy Crush is evil

I have been meaning to post the past few days but keep getting sidetracked by Candy Crush. That's one of the problems with blogging on my iPad. The game apps are there to distract me. I'm not telling you this so you will send me an invite to play Candy Crush. I don't exactly understand the purpose of those invitations anyway. So don't send me one. I'll just delete it.

The point is, I obviously failed miserably at Candy Crush because here I am posting anyway. Don't you just hate it when you have to wait almost 20 minutes for another life?!?

In addition to playing Candy Crush, I have been doing a little running lately. With two unplanned rest days last week (life happens and you have to learn to roll with it), I was happy to still end the week with 40 miles.

My focus the entire week was to just enjoy each run. I didn't worry about speed or distance. I ran completely based on how I felt. And I ended up with some great runs.

I've learned that sometimes you have to stop focusing so much on your training plan or what your schedule says you need to do and just run.

I finished off the week on Saturday with a late afternoon run. I had 16 planned but cut it short at 12 because it was getting dark and cold faster than I expected. But those 12 miles were some of the best I've had in a long time! My legs felt incredibly strong the entire run.

This week I'll probably throw in a day at the track, but other than that my focus is still on enjoying each run.

I have also learned that enjoying my runs has a lot to do with how I'm eating. If I'm eating poorly, I inevitably end up running poorly. So I'm trying to eat better this week. I've kind of gotten out of control lately, letting myself eat pretty much anything and everything I see. And I'm feeling it!

Eating better also means getting all my water in during the day. It's amazing what a difference that makes as well. I usually drink at least 64 ounces or so per day, but I want to drink at least a gallon. This is helping make sure I don't fall short...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a very happy Monday!



  1. Ahhhh
    My name is Caroline and I am a CC addict.
    There I said it.

    This darn game....,I just cannot quit.....


  2. eh hem
    (mumbling) my name is Christy and I am addicted to Candy Crush. I am stuck on level 295 and am very mad about it

  3. if you connect candy crush to facebook you dont have to wait 20 minutes for lives... just trying to help your addiction. its what other addicts do when they deny getting help themselves... try to enable others. hehe.

  4. oh crud... I will admit it. My name is Erin and I am a CC addict too.

  5. ^^Level 295?? Man, I've been stuck at level 65 for like a month. Does that make me more, or less of a loser for only being on level 65?

  6. There's a workaround . . . if you change the date on your phone to the next day, your lives are replenished. The only downside is that you get minus the hours once you set it back.
    In theory, you could just set it forward every time you play though.

    Anyway! I got here from Fitness Friday. I'm almost done with the C25K (eek!!), and I love the inspiration I get from reading about people's journeys with running :) So, thanks for sharing!

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