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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is what happens...

This is what happens when you let yourself get too hungry. You inhale a maple bar without a second of regret, and this is how much you have left when you realize you should take a picture of the deliciousness that was so fresh it was still a little warm.

And this is what happens when your "return to running" plan has you cross training and you walk into the fitness center to find its 83 degrees. You set up camp as close to the giant fan as possible.

This is what happens when you have a good mail day. Only a runnerd would be this happy about getting some new socks to try out. Of course I was most excited about trying the Kushyfoot Athletics, which I wore to ellipticize today and loved.

This is what happens when you are testing out and creating new recipes for your other website. You try a salad that is a new favorite. It's easy, healthy and even my kids like it. Although here are a few insider tips: leave out the red pepper flakes if you have kiddos who might not like that extra kick; add some cherry tomatoes sliced in half if you like that kind of thing; and add an additional tablespoon of ranch dressing just before serving to make it a little creamier.

Do you have a favorite brand of running/athletic socks?

Do you like tomatoes? I don't like them on sandwiches and in things like salads, but I LOVE salsa and homemade tomato soup is my favorite!


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  1. 83 degrees??!! Yikes. Instant swelling for me ;) I hope that fan helped. That pasta salad looks yummy. I like tomatoes on or in anything, but I dont like them plain. Anna has been eating them sliced with salt and pepper lately, something I could never do.

    That maple bar looks delicious. Those are my favoritr donut, along with old fashioned glazed donuts. I just buy my socks at costco. So far they have done the job.

    T minus 5hrs!


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