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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


If you back up your photos to Google+, you might be familiar with Auto Awesome. It automatically adds effects to some of your photos. It's a little creepy sometimes, like Big Brother is checking out and messing with my pictures.

But sometimes the added effects are indeed awesome. Like filters that add the right effect to a moment you loved:

Or when it makes a collage from pictures that make you smile every time you see them:

Sometimes it is kind of awesome, when it puts a series of pictures together:

Or when it adds snow:

But when it removes people you love from pictures, it starts to get a little creepy:

Scott and Ellie were in the original version of this picture.

Both girls were on their swings in the original of this one. You can still see Grace's shadow!

Then there are the overlapping picture fails, with additional limbs, missing and separated body parts, and horses connected at the head:

And since I forgot yesterday, here's a recap of my workouts from last week, including links to some of the workouts:

Sunday - Rest day

Monday - 32 minute run/walk (15 run, 2 walk, 15 run); upper body strength

Tuesday - 60 minutes cycling, 8 minute buns

Wednesday - 32 minute run/walk (20 run, 2 walk, 10 run); 30 minutes cycling; core & upper body strength

Thursday - 25 minute run; 45 minutes cycling; 8 minute abs

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - 75 minutes pool running


What awesome things do you have planned for your Tuesday?

How many days a week do you run? Work out?













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