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Friday, July 11, 2014

An everlasting book, salad towers and box forts because it's Friday

Happy Friday! Before you head off into the bliss of the weekend, tell me about your runs and races scheduled for the next two days. I am up to running 35 minutes at a time, but I miss my long runs. Like really, really miss them. They just make me really happy.
Here are some other things making me happy lately:
This is Princess Grace's summer reading book, but she kind of forgot about it until the other night. Since I've never read it (hope that doesn't mean they'll take my English degree away!), I decided to read it with Grace. I'm almost finished and she has yet to start, but hopefully my enthusiasm for it will encourage her to get reading! For the record, it is good. It sucked me right in. And it is just as entertaining for adults as I imagine it will be for my girl.

Jason's Deli decided to skip town, so I haven't had a decent salad bar salad in a while. This one lived up to the standards set by Jason's Deli! Plus it was part of a birthday celebration for my cute little cousin who was turning 12. What about all that wouldn't make a person happy?!?

A cardboard box fortress? Yes, please. They got the boxes out of the garage, put them together (with just a little help from Mom), and stacked them up to make their own little corner of the world.

It's only our second water park outing this summer, and they were already braving more slides and even put off nachos to go on their new favorite a few more times. But of course it wouldn't have been complete without nachos and Dippin' Dots!


What good books have you read lately?

Where's your favorite salad bar?


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  1. I love love love reading! I've been reading Boxcar Children with my oldest and have been reading several books by Sophie Kinsella. As for salad bars, I like Sweet Potato! :-)


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