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Monday, July 7, 2014

Running is miserable and magical

One of my favorite things about running with my girls is the conversations we have.

Ellie is still at the age where she says exactly what she is thinking. Like last week we were coming up behind a line of women pushing their jogging strollers, and after we passed them, Ellie asked:

"Did you see that lady's bum? It was going boing, boing, boing!"

Today was our first run with my girls on their bikes while I ran WITHOUT Scott there to help move them along and to stop with them so I can run without stopping. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did. We only stopped once so Ellie could scratch her head and one other time for a drink/potty stop.

While Ellie was riding next to me, we passed the big red barn by the trail, and Ellie informed me:

"THAT'S what I want. But a little bigger. And FULL of horses."

When Grace decided to run after I finished my run, Ellie wanted to try running with Grace instead of staying on her bike. As Grace ran like a gazelle ahead of us, Ellie slowed to a walk, looked over at me with an expression that accompanies bad news, and said,

"I really don't like running."

I will let you know when my heart is no longer in 10 million little pieces.

Grace took her iPod on her little (3 mile!!!) run/walk, and she paused her music and slowed down to walk beside me for a minute, which resulted in this conversation:

Grace: Is running sometimes miserable for you?

Me: Yes.

Grace: So it's miserable and magical. I just wondered because that's what Taylor Swift just said. And that is what running is to you sometimes. Miserable and magical.

Indeed running can be miserable and magical at the same time.


Was your last run miserable, magical, or both?


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  1. Thanks for the free entry! I am so excited!

  2. I'm so excited :)

  3. Last run was both! but the one before that was all magic.


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