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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trail runner Candice? Maybe. Maybe not.

Since my runs are shorter these days (yesterday 32 minutes - 15 run, 2 walk, 15 run), I'm trying to get some cross training in even on some of the days I run. Last night we went on a hike to the G on the mountain by where we live. Even after being warned that it's pretty steep, we were surprised at how steep it really was!

Both my girls were good sports though and refused to give up before we reached the G.

Ellie Bean was the little Energizer bunny most of the way up and only slowed down when it was so steep she needed to hold a hand to keep from slipping.

And when we got to the G, she insisted on going up even higher to the middle of it to sit and take a picture. (Good thing we have such a willing photographer!)

At the bottom, they apparently weren't too worn out. Even in spite of the fact that it was way past their bedtime. They normally go to bed at 7:00 pm, lights out at 7:30. Yes, even in the summer. Our lives are just so much happier when they get enough sleep.

Our little gymnast Princess Grace wanted to hang from the park sign after Scott jokingly tried to get Ellie to do it. Then of course Ellie wanted to try, but only with some help.

Then the shoeless Ellie took advantage of being carried and played dead. Because that truly is her personality, if you haven't picked up on her wackiness yet.

While we were hiking back down, I realized I could never be a trail runner. My family would spend too many hours wondering if I am dead or just lost again every time I headed out for a run. Luckily Scott has a stellar sense of direction!


Do you have a natural sense of direction? Luckily I live in Utah where we have the grid system and the mountains to keep me oriented. But once I'm let loose in nature, all bets are off.

What kinds of activities does your family enjoy doing together?


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  1. Give me the woods and a trail (even when barely visible!) and I am a happy girl! But, that being said, I always tell someone where I am headed, when to expect me back and I go with at least my dog.


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