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The Return of Things I Love Thursday

It's been a while (yes a looooong while) since my last Things I Love post, so it is clearly time. Summer brought several new things into my life that I am loving. First are my new stability ball  (pink of course) and jump rope from DynaPro Direct . I had an old gray stability ball that was ready for an upgrade. I love doing my core work on a ball and have a goal to eventually master this move on my awesome new pink ball: Then there's the jump rope . I've tried to add jump rope intervals to my workouts in the past, but it has always been a short-lived effort because I never had a decent jump rope. I love the one from DynaPro because it is adjustable and the handles rotate well and are lightweight. The fact that it is also pink is just a bonus.  I was totally bummed when I had to take four weeks off, basically the whole month of July, from doing anything high impact. But now that I'm back in commission, the jump rope is back in use. I usually do my jump

And just like that...

And just like that, summer is over. I can't for the life of me remember how we filled our summer days now that my girls have been in school for a week and I have begun working again. One of my favorite things we did over the summer was hike. My girls were able to go a little farther each time we went, and even though we hiked the same trail each time, the surroundings were so incredibly beautiful and changed so much, even from one week to another, that it was like hiking a different trail each time. At the start of the summer, Mazama sent me a Sidestream  pack to try, and it ended up being perfect for our hikes. It kept my hands free and was easy for my girls to grab a sip from, often without either of us stopping. It has an awesome retractable straw, so it easily extends and then slides back in without any effort or thought. This is good for me because my brain can't focus on too many things at once. I also received a 70 ounce Windigo reservoir, which Gr