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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Running Firsts

First run with just the stroller/scooter girls. We've done this as a family, but the hubs was at work this time. Our favorite little friend from next door came with us, and she's a newbie at the scooter runs, so we took it a little easy. I think our stroller/scooter girl runs will become a regular thing since The Princess is a speedy little thing and can go forever on her scooter. She's the perfect running partner to keep me moving, motivated and challenged!

First trail run with some amazing gals. I ran my first real trail run on Tuesday evening, and I couldn't have had better company. I will say I'm not totally sold on trails, but it was fun. I just have a hard time seeing my pace at the end of the run. However, I can see how trail running would make me a stronger runner. So I might have to give it a few more tries before I come to a final verdict.

I was really nervous about the run, and not just because it was my first trail. Janice finished a 50-mile ultra 10 days before this run (she's amazing), Frances runs trails like a pro and is the Active Bands queen, and Julia is kicking running's booty these days. So I was a little nervous. but for no reason. They are awesome!! If I could run with these three every time, it would be a no-brainer.

Julia, Me, Frances & Janice

First week of half marathon training. Utah Valley Half Marathon is June 9th!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I started the day with five miles on the 'mill. Five great miles while my little Bean camped out on the bed reading her new Minnie Mouse book and occasionally catching a minute or two of Meet the Robinsons (love it).

I didn't get a run in yesterday. But I did do this:

(Don't you love how so many bowling pictures are of people's backsides?!?)

My girls love, love, love bowling. Almost as much as their daddy.

There was also some cake involved yesterday since the bowling outing was part of the hubs' birthday celebration.

And speaking of the husband. He is signed up to run his first race this Saturday. With me. And speaking of firsts, this will be the first race I run pushing my girls in the jogger. Which means it will also be my first race without music.

Since we're on the subject of firsts, it is also my first race of the year and my first race in a long time without any goals except to have fun. And the race is the first of three. We signed up for a 3-race series: a 5K, a 10K and a 15K.

I am excited for our first family run. And who knows ... there just might be another runnerd in the making. By the way, RUNNERD stickers are in the works. Be sure to join the Facebook page and spread the word. I am working on a giveaway for the first batch of stickers.

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