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I have several posts in the works but decided to start a whole new topic instead of finishing one of the others because I have been obsessing about it a little lately. The topic? Yep, dimples. Each of my girls has a single tiny, darling dimple on her right cheek. My little brother has the best dimples I have ever seen. Tall Mom Mel and her boys have awesome indentations. Dimples are stinkin ' cute on cheeks. More specifically, the cheeks on your face. The other cheeks, not so much. Last night I was laying on my bed, talking to my husband on the phone, rubbing my puppy's belly with my foot. At one point, I became so distracted by the dimples (we're going with dimples here because it just sounds so much better than cellulite or cottage cheese) that came and went on my thigh as my leg moved with each rub that I had stopped talking and my husband asked what I was doing. There are two things that make my own dimples more bearable. First, I sadly feel better when other people h

If It Makes You Happy

I just finished another 1 mile run. While it is nice to be able to do something, it is almost painful to feel myself getting close but never quite making it to "that place" where I feel like I could just keep going. Runner's high, endorphins, whatever name you call it, I miss it. So Jamoosh tagged me to share 10 Things That Make Me Happy . I guess he figures I have extra time on my hands with all the running I am not doing. So here goes (in no particular order). The two amazing little people I get to hang out with every day. It's incredible how much personality comes packed in those tiny little bodies, and I get to spend every day discovering a little more about my two little girls. How quiet the world gets when it is snowing. The man my girls call "daddy." There is nothing I can say that will truly do him justice. Layers. When running and in everyday life. Rocking my sleepy baby. It is the most peaceful part of my day. Crossing off runs on a training plan.


While I'm emptying the dishwasher, a little person brings me the bag of Goldfish crackers. A moment later, she brings me a snack bowl. I pour about a dozen crackers into the bowl and return it to the little person. She looks in the bowl, turns it upside down, steps on the crackers scattered around the floor, and wanders back to the pantry for something else. I get to run one mile tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

Free Pass

What am I doing to fill all the time I would normally be running? Well I just finished hauling my Christmas decorations upstairs: 13 bins, the Christmas tree box, and five garbage bags containing wreaths and garland. I tallied up the time I spent over the past three days getting it into the bins, box and bags: just over FIVE hours. That's a lot of running. So I set up an I Have Run Facebook page . You can click on the badge on my sidebar to become a fan. Yes, I am a copycat. The idea came from Morgan , Aron , Beth and Heather , who also have Facebook pages that I highly recommend becoming a fan of too! (I'm sure there are others, so be sure to let me know if you have a Facebook page.) And I must say you guys rock!! Your comments on yesterday's post made me smile so much my cheeks hurt, and I literally laughed out loud at several of them. Then I thought of all your comments again when I read today's Daily Kick in the Butt quote: At first an ordeal and t

Hot N Cold

I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I just went with the name of the Katy Perry song I am listening to, which is actually a great running tune. I have real work I should be doing right now, so I'm just here for a quick update on all things Candice: PT went great. And my girls were awesome. It may have been at least partly due to the little "I have a surprise for you if you are good and don't make your sister scream" chat (bribe) we had in the car. But really, my girls are typically pretty good considering they are 3 (almost 4) and 16 months. They were entertained watching what was going on around them, playing catch with my PT, and jumping on the mini-trampoline. As far as my progress, I will be running 1 mile each day next week if I remain pain free! I am putting together a "I Have Run" Facebook page because there are so many times I have a running related thought I want to share, but most of my Facebook friends couldn't care less and I

Marathon Memories, Core and More

Compared to most marathon race reports in Bloggyland, mine was short and sweet. While running those 26.2, I wrote paragraph after paragraph in my head, just as I have composed dozens of brilliant and clever blog posts in the shower and while driving my little midge to preschool. But something happens to my brain when I actually sit down at the computer. It's like I get stage fright or something, and I can't remember more than one or two things I was planning on writing, usually the less interesting (boring) things. So four months post-marathon, here are a few things (and keep in mind that I am claiming they are not boring) I remembered I wanted to share about my first marathon experience: The night before my race, I ate a chicken salad from Cafe Rio . I ate this salad the night before almost all of my long runs. I never really planned on eating it pre-run; it just always happened that way. I didn't dare change things up the night before the race, so when I made my hotel re

Goose Bumps

The good news: I'll have more time to read next week. The bad news: I won't be running. I have mentioned off and on my struggle with knee pain since my marathon in September. In the fall, I went to the doctor, took some time off from running, and found some temporary relief. Yet I have only had one or two totally pain free runs in the past several months. I could usually get through one or two miles without any discomfort, but once the pain came I spent the rest of the miles alternating between walking until the pain subsided and running until it was unbearable. I finally went back to the doctor this week because 1) my left knee was actually getting worse and 2) I finally admitted to myself my knees weren't going to get better on their own. After x-rays of both knees that came back normal (did you hear my sigh of relief from where you are sitting?) , I started physical therapy today. One of my PT's first instructions was to stop running. He knows I just started my mar


So maybe it is not actually loot, since I did not steal it. But I am in possession of some sweet new running gear thanks to my girls, their daddy and that big jolly guy in the red suit. One of my favorite new acquisitions is The Complete Runner's Day-By-Day Log: 2010 Desk Calendar . I finally have somewhere to keep track of all of my miles, especially since the G-man doesn't join me on my treadmill runs. The calendar also has a place for comments about each run and has some great motivation and tips. My biggest little midge gave me The Stick for Christmas. She was so excited although she had no idea what it was. It has been great to help keep my legs happy and will get more and more use as my marathon training progresses and the miles increase. The other running gear I got for Christmas is still brand spankin ' new, but I love it just the same. I can't wait to use my new black SPIbelt and my awesome arm warmers: black ThermaFleece Pearl iZumis for those really cold d

Long Run Monday

You know your marathon training has officially begun when you start turning down activities because you need to get a run in that night. If I am being completely honest, there were other factors in my decision to pass up a night of birthday bowling (not my birthday). But in the back of my mind, I also knew the 8 miles waiting for me on the treadmill would be more likely to happen tonight if I stick to my normal routine: dinner by 6, girls in the bath and to bed by 7, running my heart out by 8. I am keeping my training schedule flexible as far as which days I do my runs. This means I am scheduling my long runs early in the week when possible so they are less likely to get shortened or skipped. This week's long run is tonight's 8 miles. My other two runs this week are a 6 mile (2 easy, 2 tempo, 2 easy) and speedwork (10 min warm, 6 x 1 min fast + 3 min recovery, 10 min cool). This marathon training is helping me keep two of my 2010 goals: to run more and to write more. I also pla

Mixing It Up

I have been mixing it up a little when I run lately. I'm not talking about my actual running though. Here's a peek at what I have been doing differently: Wearing my hair in a braid. I am enjoying the fact that my ponytail isn't constantly hitting my back or sides of my head. I might even get adventurous and try two braids. Using the foam roller before and after each run (and sometimes during). In the past I just used it after. Since my knees still bother me off and on, this is part of my effort to stay injury free. Covering the display on the treadmill when I run (except during speedwork). The time and distance seem to go much faster now. Today I did speedwork: 1/2 mile warm-up 4 x 400m @ 2:09 with 400m recovery 1 x 400m @ 2:00 1/2 mile cool down Speedwork is another reason the treadmill isn't so bad. I can actually run my last 400m faster than the others because the treadmill doesn't let me slack off. I normally like to take a day off or crosstrain between runnning

What do Bono, Glee and Hannah Montana have in common?

I just finished a nice, easy 4-mile treadmill run. Now I am eating an almond butter and honey sandwich and washing it down with a glass of chocolate milk. Running while my girls take their naps is one of the great things about having a treadmill, but this also means running in the middle of the day. Which means I drop off and pick up my oldest midge at preschool looking a little scary, and I don't "get ready for the day" until mid-afternoon. But it's all worth it for the run. After my first mile today, I was bored of the mid-day television options (Let's Make a Deal, the leftovers on the second round of The Today Show, soap operas, Desperate Housewife reruns) so I turned on my iPod. As my tunes kicked my energy level up a notch, I remembered posting (around marathon time last year) that I would share some of my favorite running music with you. Better late than never, here is a tiny sample of the songs that keep me moving. Viva La Vida - Coldplay Run - Collective