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A really awesome running tip for you.

After running 14 miles, an apple fritter tastes like heaven (and gives me crazy eyes, apparently). I'm not even a huge fan of apple fritters. I followed it with a maple bar for dessert (the apple fritter was lunch). After a miserably hot long run, it was time for some more time in the heat at the water park with my girls. Have I mentioned I love my girls? I wore my new swimsuit for the first time and loved it! Bonus: I got to show off my sweet runner's tan. Six recovery miles on Saturday. I wore my watch but didn't use it. Just some random information for you. This is an example of why I don't take running selfies. This was the best of a really bad bunch of attempts. When you see some little ponies during your run, you take your horse-crazy daughter to see them. And this happens. And this is how you wear KT Tape to church without it being too obvious. You're welcome. I'm glad I could share such an awesome running tip with you.

Sharing is caring.

When I read something online want to share with you, I leave it open in a window on my phone. I have 15 windows open right now, so I figured it was time to post some of the things I have found! I loved reading this article on how one woman's healthy diet turned into an eating disorder. It really reminded me how any type of extreme is unhealthy. Yet another reason to focus on moderation in ALL THINGS. And this post from Runners World was exactly what I needed when I saw it. Since I am focusing on staying injury free, getting my body ready and warmed up to run and making it stronger at the same time just makes sense. This warm-up will be my new pre-run ritual! Then there's this article that every mom should read. It made me a little teary as I recognized myself in a lot of what it was saying. Now I'm off to get my long run done. Best way I can think of to kick off a Friday.  Happy Friday and even more importantly...HAVE A GREAT WEEK

Can you guess that 80s movie?

We have made going to the Strawberry Days carnival an annual tradition. I snapped this picture last year... ...and this picture this year. I kind of love when they are best friends. I run by here during most of my runs lately: But am going to have to map out a new route because the last two times I have run past it, the smell has made my stomach turn. Like almost puking kind of turn. Can't have that mid-run unless it's run-induced puking. Then it's a whole other story. Friday the girls and I drove to Idaho and back. So sunflower seeds were a given. My grandparents are moving into a much smaller home and my grandma wanted to give me her China, so I went to pick it up before they moved from Idaho to Utah. My grandparents are 91 and 99 years old and have a little reluctantly decided to finally move into a retirement community. Almost seven hours in the car? NBD for these girls. They were awesome. Not so awesome was that our air co

Let marathon training begin!

Let marathon training begin!  Marathon number 11 is in 81 days. Normally I do a 16 week training plan, but I wanted to do something shorter this time around because 16 weeks always feels like forever. When I decided to do a shorter plan, I didn't count on being injured almost up to the day training began. So my base isn't as solid as I would like, but at least I have been running the last few weeks and have two solid longer runs (10 and 12 miles) behind me.  And with that, the 12 week countdown begins. This morning I ran an easy five miles. My legs were a little tired from 12 miles on Saturday and then a 5+ mile hike yesterday, so I was happy to take it nice and easy and slow. The number one goal of marathon training for me is to stay healthy and injury free. We hiked to Stewart Falls yesterday afternoon to celebrate Father's Day. The girls did awesome and didn't complain at all. There were tears a few times, like when each girl took a turn fallin

I scream, you scream, we all scream for (homemade vanilla) ice cream!

One thing that drives me C-R-A-Z-Y is bad customer service. Target qualified in this department recently. I ordered this swimsuit, and getting it here was quite the ordeal. When it finally arrived, I was disappointed to realize the keyholes where the bottoms  tie at the hips are less than flattering on my body and that I would needed a smaller size in the top . I'm happy to report that returning it was a much easier process. There's just something about working with someone face to face. So now I'm waiting for this one to come. Keep your fingers crossed that I have more success with it. And that getting it here is smooth and painless. What has been smooth and painless is eating better this week. I know I'm only halfway through the week, but I'll take it. Monday night I made lasagna rolls. I was making lasagna rolls long before the first recipe or photo of them was ever posted online; I just decided to roll the noodles up one time because it seemed easier t

Don't make me feel bad about my daily battle. I feel bad enough.

Someone I used to be close to sent me a text last fall criticizing the fact that I complain about having body issues. It was worded quite cruelly and was part of a very painful, damaging conversation. First, that person is no longer an influence in my life. And second, I don't care what a person looks like or acts like on the outside because you NEVER know what they deal with on the inside. My struggle with my body image is a battle every. single. day. Do I wish I could love my body the way it is? Of course. Do I wish I could not see just my flaws when I look in the mirror? Absolutely. Do I wish it didn't have such a profound affect on me some days? Yes!! Some days and weeks it affects me more than others. The reason I'm posting this now is because it has been particularly challenging lately. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but putting on a swimsuit certainly never helps. And summer requires that more than usual. Where I live certainly doesn't help eit

A book, a bra and a box that rocks!

This week is all about randomness, so here are some random things I'm loving lately! Rocksbox ! You can get a different set of cute jewelry EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. This is great for people like me who have a hard time committing to jewelry, even if it's a pair of $5 earrings because I know I'll have them and feel obligated to wear them for the next 10 years. Rocksbox changed all that! Find out more HERE and use the code   ihaverunxoxo to get your first month free. Right now I'm reading this: Since it is the follow up to The Rosie Project , which I read first, it is kind of a given that I'm enjoying it. I LOVE this bra: I forgot how much I love it because I don't wear it unless I'm running. Now that I am finally running on a regular basis, it is back in rotation. I have it in three colors and am tempted to add a few more to my collection since some of the colors are on sale right now! And this workout has become one of my favorites:

Miscellaneous Monday

Sometimes the pictures on my phone reflect the recent highlights and randomness of my life really well. So I bring you the first Miscellaneous Monday, prompted by the pictures from my phone. This was my lunch multiple times last week. Whole wheat tortilla with turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce/spinach mix, and spicy avocado hummus . This picture proves I wasn't the only fan of this meal. All my runs lately have included a lot of dodging these little guys. Like hundreds of them. But hey, it's a nice distraction when my leg is hurting. Which is all of my runs lately as well. Took a screenshot of this as a reminder because far too often the two go hand in hand for me. But I'm working on it. The Bean and I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday sorting her rubber bands into her new storage case. What you see is about 1/20 of what we sorted. This line from a Studio C sketch made me laugh. It's referring to the remote. So I Snapchatted the picture to my B

Happy National Doughnut (or if you prefer, Donut) Day!

This is a good week for made up holidays! We're just here celebrating National Doughnut Day today! Don't worry; I'm not eating both of those. One is for Scott. And by putting it on here, he will know of its existence. Now I won't be able to eat it. It's also a good week to be a winner. And the winner of the Spartan Race entry giveaway is: Amber Cheeves Please email me at to claim your entry!! Congratulations!! Everyone else, have a fantabulous weekend. And may it include doughnuts.

Epic #momfail

First things first. Happy National Running Day!! I hope you all get in a great run today. I will be cross training my heart out but might try to sneak in a short little run with my girls later in the day just to celebrate.   Ever since I got my Chucks, my girls have wanted same. When we found these copycats for $10, I was all for it! And now I want my own pink pair, of course.   Those darling pink shoes may look innocent, but they led to my lowest point of the day yesterday. In fact, it was one of my biggest motherhood fail moments in a while. My Gracie girl took this picture to send to her dad to show him her cute outfit and new shoes.   The motherhood fail came when she went to text it to him and saw this:   I was upstairs putting clean sheets on her bed when she came in and said, "I'm sorry I'm going to make this summer so challenging." If she'd said it defensively or angrily, I probably wouldn't have felt like I'd just been punched in the gut. But I co

Lemonade stands and poop muffins. Summer is in full swing.

Summer isn't complete without a lemonade stand. Throw in cookies, put it on the right street, and you make almost $50. I have a feeling my girls are going to want to have a lemonade stand with their cousins as often as possible!   We wrapped up the lemonade selling business just in time to grab some dinner and head to my grandpa's 93rd birthday party. As far as human beings go, he is one of the best. There aren't many better men out there.   My cousin figured it out and there were 4 of his 6 children, 9 of his 21 grandchildren, and 13 of his 31 great grandchildren there to celebrate. Who am I to question her math?   Every year, the girls and I make a list of fun things we want to do in the summer. Making these needs to be added to this year's list.   This morning I ran five miles. My calf hurt the entire time. It did ease up the faster I went, but I didn't have it in me to go very fast. And it turned into more of a dull ache after four miles, but I think I might cro