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Things I Love Thursday - Stuff Made Out of Oatmeal

Once upon a time, I ate oatmeal for breakfast every single day. Now, I eat it probably twice a week. I still like oatmeal, but it is no longer an everyday kind of food for me. There are just some mornings it doesn't sound good. But throw oatmeal in something else, like cookies or muffins, and I'm good to go on the oatmeal. So when I saw a recipe for Personal Size Baked Oatmeal on Pinterest (where else, duh?), I decided it was worth a try. And it was soooo worth a try. I ate it for breakfast and lunch yesterday. And sometime mid-morning I finished the little bit of the Bean's that she didn't eat. Then it was my pre-run breakfast this morning. The recipe topping suggestions were walnuts, chocolate chips and raisins. The chocolate chips were a must , the about blueberries instead?, we opted for a pecan/brown sugar crumble instead of walnuts, and finally we tossed coconut on a few (thanks to The Princess's brilliant suggestion). The chocolate chips are a


You know you are a runnerd if... have seven pairs of running shoes in active rotation.

Things I Love Thursday - A Free Race

Something that peaked my interest recently is the Blue Ridge Marathon, which is lovingly called "America's Toughest Marathon." I'll pretend the reason I haven't signed up for it is because it is in Virginia and not because the St. George Marathon seemed hard enough although it is considered a downhill marathon (I still don't agree on that description). But just watching the promotional video footage for the Blue Ridge Marathon put little butterflies aflutter in my stomach. What is it about a marathon, any marathon, that does that to us crazy runnerds? Here is what runners can expect from the Blue Ridge Marathon on April 21, 2012: Picture this --- a cool breeze at your back, the scent of blossoming flowers, “purple mountain’s majesty” in front of you…and the SEARING pain in your quads with each and every stride down this effing mountain! Don’t come to Roanoke, Virginia to enjoy a relaxing weekend; come to see just how much the National College Blue Ridge Marat

Spectrum 10K Deets (PR!) and a winner

I ran the Spectrum 10K on Saturday. I was sporting my Active Bands green glitter headband because the race was on St. Patrick's Day and I don't own any green running clothes. I ran this same race two years ago and set a 10K PR, running it in 54:51. On Saturday, I set a new PR: 50:32 8:09 Pace 210/776 Overall 79/460 Women 18/80 Age Group I shaved more than 4 MINUTES off my previous time! Needless to say, I was am pretty dang happy. I went into it with the goal of setting a new PR and felt confident I could do it because I had trained for the race, I knew what to expect, and I have been injury free for a while now. And I did it. Even better than a little family at the finish (even if Bean won't look at the camera) Finishing the race also meant I can add the St. George Marathon to my list of upcoming races because I did the Runner Series again this year. In spite of swearing off marathons after St. George last year, I decided to give it another try. Third time'

Shake It (Vega One Review & Giveaway)

You may remember my Vega Sport review ( HERE ) a few months ago. Well now it's time to talk about another Vega product line, the Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shakes. Here are a few of the stats and details you might want to know about the shakes: Contain 50 percent of your daily intake of vitamins and minerals Dairy, gluten & soy free No sugar added Clean, plant-based choice Comes in chocolate, natural, vanilla chai and berry So now for my thoughts. I first tried the natural flavor. I put it in my morning smoothie. I was a little surprised by the greenish color when I first added water. But it turned a lovely purple once I added blueberries, strawberries and bananas. I thought the Vega flavor would blend in subtly with the fruit, but it kind of took over. And it really changed the texture. I wasn't in love with it and prefer my Vega-free smoothie. But that wasn't the end of my Vega One adventures. Next I tried the chocolate. I really like the Vega Sport chocolate Pe

My Own Little Runnerd

The Princess turns SIX today. For her birthday, one of the things she wanted the most was this outfit for her American Girl doll : And this is what her face looked like when she opened it this morning: Happy Birthday to my own little runnerd!

Adventures in Running

I love being inspired by others, especially when it comes to running and runners. I'm not talking about being inspired to run a little longer one day because your daughter keeps trying to pull your running shorts up a little higher on your waist because "your bum is showing" but what she thinks is part of your "bum" actually happens to be back fat. I'm talking about the inspiration that comes from people doing amazing things, having the courage to live their dreams. Especially when living their passion helps others live their dreams, meet their goals or just do something they never thought was possible. I don't know if you remember me talking about my cousin (in-law) last year when he placed in his age group at the Utah Valley Half Marathon, but he is an amazing runner. Whenever we see each other, we talk running of course. A while ago, he mentioned that one of his running partners was moving to Guatemala to set up a running adventure there. I didn't