Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I like treats.

I was looking back through the pictures on my phone from the last few weeks and realized I take a lot of pictures of food. I really like food. Maybe a little too much sometimes, like yesterday when I ate at least 10 of these:


I told myself they are small to feel better about it. I kept waiting for that moment when you feel like you never wanted another bite of something because you've practically made yourself sick from eating so much, but it never came. So I put about two dozen in the freezer and then packed up a dozen for Scott to take to work. That only leaves about 6 sitting on my counter as temptation.

That's just one example of my love of all things pumpkin. I've already made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies twice in the last month, I had pumpkin spice oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and then there was this little splurge at the grocery store last week:


Not pictured are the two additional packages of pumpkin spice Oreos I bought later (they are soooo good) and the three bags of pumpkin spice Hershey's Kisses I got for Scott (they are one of the few pumpkin treats I don't actually like).

I was however disappointed the last time I got froyo that they didn't have pumpkin yet. I settled for chocolate and coconut froyo topped with cheesecake bites, cookie dough, and some random crushed up candy bars.


Yes, I'm all about the treats. There weren't any pictures of non-treat food items on my phone. This is one of my new favorites:


The perfect combination of salty and sweet. And these were a big hit with Princess Grace:


Glazed Doughnut Muffins. Yep.


Food isn't the only thing that has happened lately. I also went to St. George last weekend to cheer on everyone that ran the St. George Marathon. Especially Janae, who completely owned that course. And my friend Becky ran her 25th St. George and her 50th marathon! I can't even imagine it.


Of course we took the annual rocking chair picture in Beaver on our way down. We have pictures of our girls documented in that chair at practically every age.


And I'm still subbing PE at my girls' school. Where this happened:


I never realized HRG was so racy (pun intended).

It has really been a lot of fun, and I am a little sad this is my last week. But I'll still be at the school several times a week as the grant writer, so that makes it a little easier.


What is your favorite sweet treat right now?



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