Wednesday, November 26, 2014

High school looks so much cooler on TV

Life: After subbing all the elementary grades as the long-term PE sub and now after having classes of every grade level at the secondary school (grades 7-11), I can say without hesitation that I much prefer the lower grades. It seems that with every school year, the students get a little more full of themselves and more annoying. I haven't been able to pinpoint the school year that self-confidence transitions to self-absorption, but I will be sure to make note of it when I do.

Here are some things I've learned since beginning to sub grades 7 through 11:

  • Male high school teachers have an affinity for facial hair. It think it's an attempt look older than the students.
  • Some female high schoolers have much larger ta-tas than I do. And they don't now how to keep them concealed. High school cleavage is not sexy; it's disturbing.
  • If their parents thought they were pretty cool in high school (and you can tell when you meet them because they still act like life is one big popularity contest), so will their children. Even though they are decades younger and more stupid than you.
  • There are a lot of kids who act very entitled. But they are just lazy. And think they know far more than they do.
  • Manners are taught in the home. And it is quickly evident when that is the case in a student's home.
  • Girls are less annoying than boys. In all grades.

Running: Subbing the past two days has meant I've had to either get up early or run after school. Monday I chose to get up early but I had a few twinges of unhappiness in different parts of my body so spent 45 minutes on the elliptical. Tuesday I ran after school. I don't have a training plan right now. I'm just running whatever time and/or distance feels good. I am running a half marathon on Thanksgiving, but I am running it completely for fun. I fun it will be with Team I Have Run there to cheer me on!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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