Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Summer Sanity Savers

Let's face it. We all have these moments (I'm sure she'll appreciate me posting this picture someday). Unfortunately I can't play the "only five years old" card. To keep myself from having too many meltdown moments of my own this summer, we've implemented a few summer sanity savers at our house.

Snacks Bags: I can only hear the words "I'm hungry!" so many times before I want to stab out my eardrums. How they make it hour after hour without starving to death at school I'll never know. Last summer we started having daily snack bags so my girls don't ever have to ask for a snack. They can eat whatever is in their snack bag whenever they want throughout the day. Plus they can have any fruits and veggies they want any time. It is actually surprising how often they have snacks left in their bags at the end of the day!
Separate Rooms: I have always loved that my girls shared a room. I think it has made them closer. But a few weeks ago we decided to put them in their own rooms. This has made them want to play together more, and it has made for a more peaceful home when they don't want to do the same thing or when they need some alone time (or I need them to have some alone time) because they have all their own things in one room, and they don't fight over who gets the toy room (now Grace's room) when they have quiet/separate time.
Library Time: In addition to going to the library weekly to check out books, we signed up for the summer reading program. The girls get prizes for reading a certain amount of time each day, there is a weekly story time, and there is a different craft each week. And it's all free. I'm finding that most public libraries have some sort of summer reading program, so if it's too late to join at your library this summer, I highly recommend looking into it next year.

Did you share a room when you were growing up?


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