Friday, March 27, 2015

Nothing but the truth (Friday funnies)

This made me laugh because it is all too true. Especially for me last night. Ellie has been having some fears and has a hard time falling back to sleep if she wakes up during the night, so for a while we tried letting her go to back to sleep on our bedroom floor when she awoke during the night. When that resulted in both Scott and I losing sleep on a regular basis because some nights it took her so long to fall asleep, we tried several other things and finally came up with a new solution that has been working best.

Ellie has bunk beds in her room, so now when she comes in during the night, I go sleep on the other bed in her room. She's such a light sleeper that I quickly gave up on the idea of just lying there until she fell back to sleep because she always heard me leaving and was soon wide awake again. So now I spend part of several nights each week sleeping on her bottom bunk. However last night, I spent far too much of my time in her room awake. She was restless and couldn't fall back to sleep for almost two hours. So I'm a little tired today.

I had a deep, thoughtful post about running written in my head yesterday, but my brain is too tired to spit it back out today. So here are some brilliant life observations instead.

My new standard answer (although most people know better than to ask such a stupid and dangerous question).

I want to talk like that. Try saying it without a British accent. Not. The. Same.

You know who you are.

I am not talented in this area. I must work on my sarcasm skills.

Why I am not a trail runner.

I'm not hardcore. But this game was the bomb. Granted, a very frustrating bomb.

Then we added another venue for all the crazy with Instagram. Oh, those were the days. Can we go back?

Children = my favorite kind of truth. Leggings = not my favorite kind of truth. Drunk people = nothing but the truth, for better or worse.

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