Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just call me the PE teacher

After feeling exhausted for two days, I finally feel more like my normal self today. Which is especially good because this morning I began this new adventure:

The PE teacher at my girls' school had a baby yesterday, so I'll be her sub for the next six weeks. I've known this was coming for the past month or so, but the PE teacher wanted to teach until she went into labor, so I didn't know exactly when I would begin. The question was answered when her water broke during her last class yesterday.

So today was my first day! Which means I haven't run yet today. But it's on the schedule for tonight, and it's a priority after I took yesterday off because I was so tired.

I think my girls night last night helped reenergize me. This salad most definitely helped:

When a bunch of girls get together with instructions to bring salad toppings so we can make our own salad bar, this is what happens:

Add this group of ladies...

...and the night was pretty much perfect.

I'm off to get in my run! Happy Friday Eve!


What was your favorite thing about PE in elementary school?

Do you like cottage cheese on your salads? It is one of my favorite toppings!



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