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A forgotten bunny

Monday was Polar Express day at school for my Bean. That meant she got to wear her jammies to school and take a stuffed animal to snuggle while they watched the movie. As we pulled into the drop-off line, she informed me in a voice of panic mixed with sadness that she forgot her stuffed bunny. Like everyone else in the world, I had a crazy busy week. Going home to get her bunny would add an extra 40 minutes to my morning. But I couldn't bring myself to tell her I wouldn't go get it. As I walked into the school 40+ frustrating minutes later, I ran into my aunt. She's the director (like the principal) at my girls' school. When I explained why I was there, green bunny in tow, she pointed out how kids with working moms wouldn't be so lucky. And we agreed that it made our hearts a little sad to think about. That few minutes with my aunt turned my day around. It reminded me how lucky I am to be able to do things like retrieve a forgotten bunny. And to pick

Dashing through the snow and a winner

Before we get to the winner (finally) of the Spartan race entry giveaway, here's a little throwback to The Runner's Jingle Bells - Half Marathon Edition, which I wrote and posted on the blog two years ago: Dashing through the snow, On a thirteen (.1) mile run. O'er the hills we go, Racing is so fun. As my iPod plays, Helping miles pass, Oh what fun it is to run, I hope I'm not in last. Running fast, running far, Running all the way. I can see the finish line, Just half a mile away. And the winner of the Spartan Race Giveaway: kishcrafts Please email for information on how to register for the free race of your choice.  

Let the Christmas Countdown Begin

After five fun-filled family days, I am a little behind on things. One of the things that was overlooked during all the fun was a reminder that the end of the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway was nearing. And is now upon us. Instead of announcing the winner, I am extending the deadline until the end of this week (Friday, Dec. 6)!! So enter now. And don't forget to watch the World Championship Spartan Race on NBC Sports this Saturday. I hope you all had perfect Thanksgiving holidays. Mine was amazing. I ran the Thankful 13 half marathon and really just ran completely for fun. I even stopped to get some love from my family. Nothing beats seeing their faces unexpectedly during the race and getting hugs at the finish. Dinner at the restaurant was yummy, even if it wasn't exactly a traditional Thanksgiving meal. And the rest of the weekend was full of family, games, goodies and a little shopping. One of the weekend's highlights was putting up and decorating our tree. The r