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What I do when I don't run

Yesterday was a busy day. Alarm at 5:30 am. In the pool at 6 am. Out of the pool at 7:10. Home to get Princess Grace ready for crazy hair day. Drop Grace off and home again. Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie for breakfast. Then core and arm strength. I don't recommend ab work right after drinking a smoothie. Lesson learned. Showered. Ready for the day. Time with my mom, who is in town from AZ. Then hit the summer movie (Turbo!) with Ellie. Picked up Grace. Went to Michael's so she could spend a gift card she's had for almost three months. Home. Made dinner. Black bean enchiladas. Didn't eat though because I had dinner plans. Partied it up (which of course means eating) like only five girls can do when celebrating the baby growing in Megan's belly. And here's a close-up of my salad because it was super yummy! Last but not least, the winner of the Cocogo giveaway is: Trish Email to claim your Cocogo. Everyone else will have another chan

Running makes me happy. Even when I can't run.

Running brought this girl into my life. And my running injury has given me some of the best mornings ever while pool running with her. And running will make me even happier, once I can do it again, now that I know this. I will think of how I'm actually flying every time I go for a run. Tell me one thing makes you happy.  

I spectated a Memorial Day race

I kicked Memorial Day off with 65 minutes of pool running. Then I got to be the spectator for a change while my girls ran the Run of Remembrance 1-mile race. I even made a really fancy sign!! Princess Grace put it in high gear and ran the entire thing, holding hands with her cousin the entire time, because that's how she rolls. And Ellie Bean and her cousin did an interval run. But when they ran, they went full speed ahead! I have to say, being a spectator is fun. When you are a participant, you miss seeing things like this little boy running in only one shoe. Or the incredibly awesome determination on this little girl's face! The girls decided the finish line aid station was a great place to start a water fight. And Ellie thought my booty was a great target! After the race, of course we had to refuel. So we had gourmet grilled cheeses. There's no picture because sometimes I'm too distracted by the food to bother with a picture. Mine had ham, Swiss, mustard aioli and p

Chlorine and cupcakes

It was a very good day. It started like this... ...and ended like this. In between was some serious fun. Or in Grace's words, "One of the best days ever." More about that tomorrow. Right now I have to get some sleep so I can get up bright and early to entertain some lifeguards. Happy Memorial Day!

My girls go a little stir crazy on Sunday!

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I found another way!

This is what my Saturday has looked like so far: Two hours of pool running. Running clothes over your swimsuit makes it more legit. Trust me on this. A Swig cookie. Which I feel good about since I spent two hours pool running. Have I mentioned pool running makes you seriously hungry. Again, trust me on this. Then I put on real clothes. After showering, of course. However I think the chlorine has seeped into my skin so much it is like my new perma-perfume. And yes, these are my other favorite pants. Because I know you were dying to see them after my last post.   Do you know who Satchel Paige is? If so, the hubs will be proud. What are your favorite cookies? Hands down, mine are sugar cookies! Don't forget to enter my Cocogo giveaway HERE !  

Fro-yo heals stress fractures and my favorite pants

Princess Grace became an author this week. She was one of two students chosen in her second grade class to take part in her school's Story Studio program. The students spent two hours every week for eight weeks working on writing their own book. At the end of the eight weeks, the book was published. The fam went to a special celebration where the authors received a printed copy of their book. A hard cover copy will be kept in the school library. Needless to say, it made this mom happy to see how much she loved it! This also made me very happy. I am so ready for summer! I'm just trying to ignore the fact that this is basically the most perfect month of the year to run outside. Speaking of the the fact that I can't run, this is one of the things I'm doing to help ensure there are no more stress fractures in my future. Since taking calcium the size of horse pills wasn't working out for me, I tried the chewables. It was the right call. I'm also getting extra calc

Running completes me...and a Cocogo giveaway!!

I have moments where I miss running so much it hurts. Literally. Like I feel it in every inch of my body. It's an ache that feels like something is pressing on my chest and I can't catch my breath. Those moments always catch me off guard. Like when we were heading to Park City on Saturday to watch the State Lacrosse Championship game. We were driving all innocently on a road that, during the winter, I ran on at least a few times each week. And boom . I was flooded with images from my runs on that road and overwhelmed by how much I wanted to get out and run. Or driving my girls to school. There are a lot of runners on one of the roads we drive on, and usually I hardly notice them. But then bam . I'll see one of them and just long to be out there. Running. Luckily I have pool running to pass the time and help me stay sane. I was on the fence about going yesterday because getting up at 5:30 am is not easy for me and the thought of sleeping in until 7 was REALLY tempting. But

My heart likes to be happy

My Ellie Bean is a rockstar. She had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids taken out yesterday. She was a little nervous yesterday morning but was such a trooper about not being able to eat or drink anything. When it was time to go back for the procedure, she asked me to come with her. When I told her I couldn't, she put on a brave face and chatted with the nurse while he walked her down the hall to the operating room. It made my heart hurt a little to let go of over her tiny hand and watch her walk away. After the procedure, she wanted two things: the IV out and to go home. She was just cooperative enough about eating something (jello!) so they would let both of those things happen. She took a little nap on the way home, and then she was back to her normal self. She wanted to blow bubbles, swing and ride bikes. Then she got hungry, so we talked her into a scooter ride with her dad to get a movie at the Redbox to watch while she ate her lunch to help her slow down a little for a

Pretty doesn't come from your belly

Sunday I made cookies. After my first one, I realized I mostly just wanted the chocolate chips in them and would have been just as happy with a handful of chocolate chips. Don't worry though. We'll somehow manage to eat them all. Yesterday made me even more sad that my Ellie Bean will be in school all day next year. On the way home from taking Princess Grace to school, we had this conversation: Yes, I pulled over to write it down because it's one of those moments I want to remember. Then my Ellie had riding lessons. We rescheduled them this week because Ellie Bean is having an adenoidectomy and tubes put in her ears today. It was a perfect start to her week because there aren't many things that make her happier. After riding lessons, she wanted to do the next best thing to riding a horse. Riding her bike. I normally take my scooter to keep up with her, but my stress fracture won't allow me that luxury right now. So I followed on foot. However, keeping up with her is

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Friday, my little Bean graduated from kindergarten. I can't believe my baby is going to be in first grade. I'm going to miss my little sidekick in the afternoons next year! Friday night I experienced Art City Donuts for the first time. Yes, the Boston Cream Donuts ARE as good as they look. And sound. Now I have to try all the other flavors to compare, of course. In addition to pool running five days last week, I got in three core workouts. The best was doing 8-minute abs and some planks on the lawn out in front of the rec center on Saturday morning. I met Janae there at 5:50 am so we could start our 2-hours of pool running only to find out the rec opens at 7 am on Saturday. Lame. But instead of hitting up IHOP or going back to bed (which were both seriously considered), we made the most of our time and worked on our cores. And because I could talk to Janae forever, those three hours flew by!! I also got in two strength sessions last week. One of those included this gem. By ge

Pooping in the the pool is NOT cool!

I might forever associate the smell of chlorine with having this stress fracture. It's been different spending my mornings at the pool. It takes more thought before I head out the door. And it takes more of my morning than running does. But it's worth it to let my leg heal so I can come back stronger. When I do new things, I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Before I got pregnant, I read a lot about how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Once I was pregnant, I read and researched all I could about the best things to do for my new baby. Since I started running, I have spent hours reading about different ways to stay healthy, different workouts, running methods, techniques and everything else. So when pool running became my new form of exercise, I spent some time researching proper form, the best workouts, etc. Some of the things I have learned from my research and from first hand experience: Your form should mimic running on land. You should do it