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Thing I (Don't) Love Thursday: Comparison

I've seen a lot of posts on Instagram and Facebook about comparison, and they always hit home a little. I am as guilty as the next girl of comparing myself to others. I always notice who is skinniest and prettiest when I'm in a group of other women, and I always feel like I come up short. I use the term "women" here lightly because I like to believe that women build each other up and love themselves, while girls tear each other down and have a hard time finding the good in themselves, let alone other people. I'll admit, most days I'm somewhere in the middle of being a girl vs. a woman. However, the exception to this is in my running. I have never compared myself to anyone else when it comes to my running. I run for me. And the only runner I compare myself to is the runner I was yesterday. I am only competing with myself, so what would be the point in comparing any aspect of my running to another runner? Every time I go for a run, I am simply trying to be a bet

Frog Fuel Winner!!!

Congratulations to Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem, the winner of the Frog Fuel tasting pack!!!                                  Please send your mailing info to me:  Happy Monday runnerds!!!!

Things I Love Thursday: Protein (a giveaway)

Note: I wrote this post yesterday, right before my Bean broke her arm and I spent the rest of the day at the doctor's office and hospital. So the workout I mention...that never happened. And now you have one less day to enter the giveaway, so don't wait!! Why is it that the days I have no motivation or desire to do anything are the days I have the most to do? Sadly my lack of motivation coincided with my rest from running day. Running always helps move my day in the right direction and gets me moving, but instead of running, while my girls were both at school, I spent the morning at the doctor only to deal with insurance issues that made the appointment pointless in the first place. Eventually I will get off my booty and work out. Until then, at least blogging from my iPad while my little Bean hangs out on the couch next to me makes me feel a little like I'm getting something done. I've been meaning to blog for a while about a new product I recently tried.

Running in the Moonlight - A Giveaway!

Fueling update: Tried peanut butter Gu at mile 18.5 of my (26.2 mile) run on Saturday. Don't know if it really gave me a boost of energy, but I took it because I was beginning to feel hungry. It did manage to hold off my hunger until I was finished running. My stomach acted up a little the last six miles, but I don't know if that was the Gu or if it would have happened anyway. But I was able to run through it. The peanut butter Gu tasted OK, but it was a little too thick. I had to drink A LOT of water to get it all down. And on race day, I don't want to have to stop to drink multiple cups of water just to get some fuel in my body. So I'm on to the next experimental item on my run tomorrow... Now for the fun stuff. One race that sounds really fun is the Moonlight Half . It will be held on Saturday, August 243rd in Mapleton, Utah.  The Moonlight Half is a night race that you start when you want, with the goal of finishing as close to midnight as possible. The w

On a Fueling Mission

For the record, the winner of the Fresh 20 cookbook was notified via email. Thanks to everyone who entered!! Now, as for things running, I am on a mission. I am trying to find the perfect running fuel. For me. I have tried it all. Gu, chews, waffles, candy, name it. Everything either bothered my stomach or was too sweet to get down. Literally. I could hardly swallow them. So I gave up. I did all my training runs for my last marathon and ran the race on just water and electrolyte tablets. But I'm starting to wonder if a little fuel, at least toward the end of a marathon, wouldn't be such a bad idea. So I'm on that mission I mentioned earlier. I got five kinds of gels I haven't tried before, hoping to find one that is both kind to my stomach and doesn't make me want to immediately spit it out and wipe off my tongue. I am going with gels because I want something that is in my mouth the least amount of time. And that I could basically swallow