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Highs and lows of running and a little love...

Half marathon training officially kicked off last week. That meant I had 12 (now 11) weeks of focused running ahead of me. The past two weeks I hit 30 miles. Two weeks ago was my first week hitting the 30 mile mark since last July... before all that stress fracture and torn tendon business made things come to a screeching halt. I had a spectacular 12 miles the Saturday before training officially kicked off, which was much needed going into this training cycle because I had really been struggling with running up until a few weeks ago.  I am easing into my speed work paces, so my first interval run last Monday was: warm-up, 1200 X 2 (7:10/mi pace) 800 X 2 (7:00/ mi pace) 400 X 2 (6:50/mi pace) - all with 400 recovery intervals, cool down. Hitting the paces was harder than I expected it to be. Especially on that last 400. And my longer run on Saturday was brutal. My lower legs ached the entire time, which is a new thing. I'm hoping it is caused by something missing from my die

Free ice cream?!? Yes, please.

Did you know March 15 was free cone day at Dairy Queen? Neither did my girls until we pulled into the parking lot for an after school surprise. I didn't tell them about it until after I verified that the line wasn't too crazy. Because if it was, I could drive on by and they would never know the difference. That's how I roll. There were in fact no lines inside or at the drive thru. So free cones it was!  And since I am actually logging mileage worthy of note these days and even start an actual half marathon training plan next week, it's time to update my playlist. Which reminded me of this... This next one...#guilty Yep. It's a constant problem. Speaking of hungry... Some days this is too true. This might be my favorite of the bunch. Makes me laugh. Every. Time. I feel for little Ella's mom. And for little Ella. What?!? Me? Never. Pretty much.   I laughed so dang hard a

Now that I'm actually doing long runs... (a giveaway!!)

Now that I am actually running "long runs" again, I had a reason to break out my new SLS3 dual pocket run belt . I first used it a few weeks ago on what was supposed to be a 12 mile run that was cut down to 10 miles because I made the mistake of running a new route that ended up being mostly uphill and I was miserable and my legs were shot. While there are plenty of things from the run to complain about, my SLS3 belt wasn't one of them. I love this belt . It doesn't ride up on my hips and is adjustable so I can make it fit exactly where I like my run belt to sit on my hips. And I absolutely love that it is water resistant because I can keep my phone in it without worrying about it getting ruined by my sweaty tush. It comes in four colors: black, purple, lime and blue. On all four, the main body is black but the zipper has the color accents. Right now, you can get the dual pocket run belt for a limited time for $16.90, which is more than 40% off the regu

You only turn 10 once. PS - It's Friday!

All of a sudden it has been two weeks. And during that time, my daughter turned 10. Which is a BIG deal. She is clearly and obviously 10 years older, but somehow I don't feel ten years older than the day she was born. In fact, it seems like it just barely happened. Grace fittingly wanted a gymnastics party. So we first celebrated on the Saturday before her birthday with a friend party. There was   a gymnastics cake, of course. And she made the signs to decorate the table all on her own. We had the party at her gym. Because where else would you have a gymnastics party?!? Then on her actual birthday she had to take a picture of the exact time she turned 10.  And chose Texas Roadhouse for dinner. She was even brave enough to sit on the birthday saddle. And of course the official birthday has to have cupcakes. And presents. Then in true Grace style, she went to bed in tears because she doesn't want to get older. That kid and