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Almost famous (again) and sweet gummy goodness

It's been busy around here. Since I last checked in...  (Can you find me? Hint: white shirt.) We went to the zoo with lots of cousins and aunts. Grandma came, so she got to join in on the fun of The Princess's summer camp field trip to the landfill and copper mine. Yes, the speed limit at the landfill really is 23 1/2 mph. An article I was interviewed for several weeks ago appeared in The Wall Street Journal. You can read the article HERE . We took a little trip to Park City. This has become an annual thing, during which we do some serious school shopping and there is a LOT of swimming.  Last but not least, I finished off my bag of Haribo Gold-Bears. And they were yummy! Haribo sent me a bag to try, calling them a "sweat-approved sweet." I have to agree; they tasted extra good after my runs! I have always liked gummy bears because they aren't TOO sweet. Don't believe me? My bag may be all gone, but I have some

I puked in my race bag (Glow in the Dark Half Marathon Race Report)

Worst. Race. Ever. At least MY worst race ever. The Glow in the Dark Half is not a race I will repeat.  First there were the issues with the race itself: a late start; a race official who rambled to the racers for more than five minutes about his credentials and the amazing feat that a marathon is (no one was running a marathon; it was a half and 5K); unorganized to the point that people didn't know they were supposed to be wearing timing chips because they had to be picked up just before the race started; no clear distance markers along the course; aid stations in the dark, which were unmarked and unlit; running in complete darkness, alone, in the middle of nowhere, for long stretches at a time; only pizza and water after the race.  Then there were my personal issues: stomach cramps the last half of the race; pulling over mid-puke on the way home (luckily the bag that my race bib and stack of race fliers came in was sitting on the passenger's seat); an incredibly sore b

And the FlipBelt winner is...

The winner of the FlipBelt , as chosen by, is....... Congratulations Frazledmom5!! Please email your final size and color choice and your shipping address to . If you didn't win, you can still get a FlipBelt of your own HERE . And come back next week because I have some exciting things happening on the blog!

Things I Love Thursday - Basking in the Glow of Running

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. Which not only means it's the weekend, but it's the last day to enter my giveaway for a FlipBelt !! If you haven't entered yet, click HERE  for more details and to enter. I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon, so I will be taking entries until 12:00 pm (aka noon) MST. Now that the giveaway reminder is out of the way, I have to tell you about my running. This is a running blog after all. Tomorrow I will finish up the fourth week of my St. George Marathon training with a little 13.1 run at night. I am very excited for this race because I have no goals or expectations, other than to have fun. I will be treating it as a training run because I have another half marathon on the 28th that I am taking more seriously. Julia is also running the Glow in the Dark Half tomorrow, which pretty much guarantees it will be fun. I have a few glowing accessories to run with tomorrow night (the race begins at 9pm!), but I'm

Flipping for my FlipBelt (and a giveaway!)

I don't think I mentioned it in my Utah Valley Half Marathon race report (yes, I'm aware I could go back and read it to find out, but I'm just too lazy), but I purchased a FlipBelt at the expo the day before the race. I really don't like carrying things in my hands while I run, so I was hoping a FlipBelt might be the answer to my problem. I have a SpiBelt, but it never stays where it starts out. It either slides up to my waist (annoying!) or bounces against my hipsm(also annoying!) if there is anything heavier than chapstick in the pockets. I also have a hydration belt with a handy little pocket, but the bottles leave bruises (seriously, bruises!) where they bounce against my body during my runs. Here's why I thought the FlipBelt might be different: It sits flat against my body. No bouncing! I chose the size based on my body measurements, so it fits snug against my hips. The "pocket" is as big as my waist, so I can spread things out and fit more st

Dare to (Not) Compare

Did you hear Nora Ephron died last week? Nora Ephron, writer of Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally . If you still aren't sad, then that's just sad. Because those are some of the best movies ever. Ever! And if you haven't seen them, well that just might be even sadder. The amazing Nora also wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being A Woman.   I don't feel bad about my neck (yet), but I'm sure I'll get there because I obsessively lather neck cream on every night. However, a DJ on the radio was talking about Ms. Ephron's passing and the incredible body of work she left behind, and when the DJ said the title of the book, my thought was, "Well, I feel bad about my whole body." Last week was a rough week as far as my body image goes. I pretty much wanted to wear sweats and hide in my house all week. But I didn't, because even when I feel like my fat rolls have multiplied over nig