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Steal My Sunshine...PLEASE!

In an attempt to adjust to running in the warmer temperatures, I started my run a little after 8 am this morning. I had 12 miles planned. After 3.5 miles, I decided to head home and finish on Millie. About a mile from my house, there is a bank with one of those signs that tells the time and temperature. It was a little after 9 am and already 90 degrees. The heat just zaps all the energy from my body. And there wasn't a cloud in the sky and hardly a hint of a breeze to give me some relief. I think I may have even been borderline delirious most of the run because I didn't really think about anything but just kept hearing the song Call Me Maybe in my head over and over. And I wasn't listening to music. I would rather run all day in a blizzard than one hour in 90+ degree temperatures. I called my hubs when I got home and told him I might just lie down on the side of the road and give up during the St. George Marathon (in October) if it is hot again this year.

Evil (deep-fried, custard-filled, chocolate covered) Tempation

It's time for some accountability. I can run until my legs fall off, but I'm not going to lose the weight that has been weighing on me for far too long (I'm hilarious) or get the tone abs I've been trying to sculpt for even longer if I keep fueling with Krispy Kremes (guilty of that offense this morning) and following my bowl of pears and cottage cheese with two snickerdoodles. Something has to give, and I'm determined it won't be the scale giving me yet another pound or two. So it's time to start keeping track of what I eat (again) and get back to making smarter choices and less excuses. Trust me; I'm a pro at giving myself a list of excuses and justifications for eating a custard-filled, chocolate-covered doughnut for breakfast. Obviously it's not in the picture because it's in my belly. So, if you feel like following me and making me a llittle more accountable, my username at MyFitnessPal  is ihaverun. The accountability starts tomorr

Things I Love Thursday - That Little Voice in My Head

I'm exhausted. Who knew summer could be busier and crazier than the school year? Between baseball games, swimming lessons, summer camp, work and making the most of it being "summer," I feel like I never slow down. My blog neglect is proof of the craziness that is my life right now. However, life is never too busy to run. It's all about priorities. And MAKING the time. Making the time was a little easier this week because my girls had summer camp from 10 am - 2 pm, which meant I had the chance to run outside three days this week. Starting at 10 am meant warmer temps though, so I checked the weather and decided Wednesday would be one of the better days to tackle my longer run. So yesterday I headed out for 10 miles after I dropped the girls off. It was a little warm, but not too bad. My legs were a little tired from the five hilly miles I ran on Tuesday, and the rest of me was very tired from staying up way too late (but totally worth it) at the Collective Soul concer

Utah Valley Half Marathon 2012 Race Report

Saturday I ran my 12th half marathon. After the race, someone asked how many I have run. I told them I thought this was around the eighth, so I was a little surprised when I went home and counted. The Utah Valley Half was not only my 12th half marathon, but it was my third time running this race. I love the course and was excited to see my progress over the past year. I have been a lot more focused in my training, and I was hoping for a PR, although I thought it might be a little tough since my PR was set on a more downhill course. My previous best time for Utah Valley was 1:56:09 and my half marathon PR was 1:52:39. I wasn't sure I could cut almost four minutes off my time for that course to get in under 1:52:39. About halfway, I realized a PR might be possible. I only looked at my watch three or four times the whole race, and just to check my pace when I felt like I was slowing down. But even those times, I was always at an 8:30 or faster pace. I finally looked at my tim

Celebrate the Run

How or why do you run? Share in comment; then get your own badge to celebrate National Running Day (today!) at . Happy National Running Day my fellow runnerds!!