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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Utah Valley Half Marathon 2012 Race Report

Saturday I ran my 12th half marathon. After the race, someone asked how many I have run. I told them I thought this was around the eighth, so I was a little surprised when I went home and counted. The Utah Valley Half was not only my 12th half marathon, but it was my third time running this race. I love the course and was excited to see my progress over the past year. I have been a lot more focused in my training, and I was hoping for a PR, although I thought it might be a little tough since my PR was set on a more downhill course. My previous best time for Utah Valley was 1:56:09 and my half marathon PR was 1:52:39. I wasn't sure I could cut almost four minutes off my time for that course to get in under 1:52:39.

About halfway, I realized a PR might be possible. I only looked at my watch three or four times the whole race, and just to check my pace when I felt like I was slowing down. But even those times, I was always at an 8:30 or faster pace. I finally looked at my time as I hit the last mile and knew I could get it. The last mile was tough, but I finished strong, with a chip time of 1:50:52. Exactly the same as my Garmin!

One of the highlights of the race was seeing my little family just before I crossed the finish line. Knowing they would be there is what pushed me through the last mile.


The temperature couldn't have been better for this race. After a crazy windy day on Friday (and serious wind later in the day on Saturday!), there was just a breeze off and on during the race; it was just enough to cool me off but not enough to slow me down. I finished feeling great, I didn't get dehydrated, and I had no stomach issues during or after the race. And I wasn't too sore they next day and only really felt it when I went down stairs or when my girls would jab me in my quads, which they oddly do quite often. I couldn't have asked for a better race!

Mostly for my own record, here are my splits:
Mile 1 - 8:42
Mile 2 - 8:33
Mile 3 - 8:43
Mile 4 - 8:22
Mile 5 - 8:20
Mile 6 - 8:11
Mile 7 - 8:12
Mile 8 - 8:32
Mile 9 - 8:19
Mile 10 - 8:29
Mile 11 - 8:27
Mile 12 - 8:26
Mile 13 - 8:19
Last .15 - 7:42
After downing some chocolate milk and some water to get a little rehydrated, I headed home and showered off the coating of salt on my body. Then I headed back to meet up with Julia (who rocked her little 26.2 training run - in preparation for her 50 miler coming up) and Rachelle (who got another BQ and a PR). I also saw Alicia, who wasn't able to run because of an injury but who came to cheer on her friends like the awesome runnerd and person she is. And last but not least, I met up with Farrah and her little girl so we could run the kids 1K all together.
My girls rocked their race. They ran their little hearts out, while my tired legs tried to keep up with them. I am so proud of my little runner girls!


  1. Congrats on your 12th half marathon and a PR, too! It's great to hear that you had no stomach issues.

  2. Congrats - you are amazing! You did a great job of keeping a steady pace throughout the whole race.

    I agree, weather was perfect. I'm glad the wind didn't get too crazy.

    Way to go!

  3. Great new PR. Your girls are absolutely cute holding their ribbons of achievement. :)

  4. Congrats again! Such an amazing PR. You are really good at this running thing! :) And I'm planning my comeback. May need help from my friends, though! Seeing you guys Saturday made me miss my running buds! Must.Get.Butt.In.Gear!

  5. Great run, well done! Awesome new PR! Now under 01:50... Looks like a really nice race.

  6. 12! WOW! Great job on a new PR and having a dozen halfs under your belt :)

  7. Congrats!!! That's a great time! And your girls look so proud! It's awesome!

  8. Congrats Speedy!! Man, 1:50 is just a SWEET #

  9. Well done speedy!!! Congrats on a great PR race!

  10. Wahoo! Congrats on a great run! I've got to do a run in Utah County one of these days...

  11. Candice you ran such an AWESOME race and I am so incredibly happy for you! You worked hard for that PR and you totally deserved it. Congratulations and very very smart running out there.

    Your little girls are seriously the cutest! I was absolutely in love with they're little outfits, just adorable. :)

  12. Very nice! Congrats on the new PR!

  13. Congrats on the PR! Sounds like it was a nice run!

    Awesome that your girls enjoyed their run too! 1K is a long way for them that young!

  14. Congrats on the PR! I reached mine at the UV 1/2 as well! I love that feeling when you're looking at your watch and realizing that ... HEY ... I can get a PR. It's such an exciting feeling to then go and do it!

    Great job!

    I look forward to following more of your running adventures!

  15. Great job on your PR! This was my 11th half marathon and my time was 1:50:43. So close to yours!! I wrote a race report too. =)

  16. Can I just call you MISS SPEEDY QUEEN? Impressive running. I like to follow blogs of local people and I think you're friends with Julia right? Do you do much trail running?

  17. Congrats on a new PR and a great race for your girls!

  18. Good job on the PR! And your girls are adorable. So cute running their race!


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