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Important realizations.

I had three important realizations recently. First: True friends are the ones you have two completely unrelated conversations with at the same time. Next time I'll have to try to add a third On Voxer. Second: I clearly have a love of chocolate and peanut butter when Pinterest begins suggesting chocolate peanut pins and nothing else.  Third: Injury prevention is my latest jam. I was super excited to try out the new SLS3  Plantar Fasciitis Compression Foot Sleeves because I wake up almost every morning with tight, sore plantar fascia on both feet. These have definitely helped. I also keep a hard rubber ball next to my bed for days when they are especially bad. I have also been adding more epsom salt baths to my routine, don't skip stretching after my strength workouts, and take the hubs up on his almost nightly offers to massage my legs. And here are some other realizations that are more relevant to the general population: Waf

Race with me!!! It will be INCREDIBLE!

Today is the last day to register for The Incredible Virtual Run ! Join me in the fun and save 10% off with the coupon code: SAVE10 And all participants receive this incredible  medal (I'm so clever)! Find out more and register HERE . Find Level Up on: Twitter @levelupruns  Instagram @Levelupvirtualruns  Facebook -  

You is broke. You is tired. You is a parent (recovering from spring break).

Last week was spring break, so that means this week is recover-from-spring-break week. Mostly, it just means this week will go as slowly as last week went quickly. In other words, how is it only Tuesday? One good thing about it being Tuesday is that you still have time to enter to win a race entry to the Spartan Race of your choice in the United States! Head on over to THIS POST to enter! And to help you get through the week, here are some funny things because Friday is just too far away...

Life in pictures. Friday funnies. And a GIVEAWAY.

It's funny how our phones become a photo journal of our lives. As I looked for the funny pictures I had saved for today's post, I found several others that documented the past week... We took the girls to Zootopia on Friday night. No one warned us that it would scare them so much they would both want to sleep in Scott's and my room that night. And need to have the hall light on every night since.   We did all things Easter. The Easter bunny came. We hunted for eggs. We colored eggs. We ate eggs of every kind: boiled, Robin, Reeses, jelly, Snickers and more. Including these. Which are interesting. They are two of my favorite candies in one. They are good (except the yellow ones, which are so sour I can barely eat them), but nothing compares to the original Brach's jelly beans and good old fashioned Smarties.  There was a brand new baby horse when Ellie went to riding lessons on Monday. She was born on Easter. So they are calling her