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Bulletproof (you're gonna want to read this)

Today is the day. The day of bullets. If you read to the end, you will be rewarded. My goals this week: Run 4-5 times Strength/core 4 times Eat better = lose the 3 lbs I gained while my back was out of commission My to-do list this week (in addition to the above): Plan and execute a birthday party, including pinata, cake and games (Saturday) Attend family function Saturday morning Speak at a meeting tomorrow night (prepare what I am going to say) Begin 8-10 page writing project Gymnastics followed by playdate for The Princess (tomorrow) Mommy/daughter date Thursday morning with my girls Doctor's appointment Friday morning (45 mins away) It's gonna be a busy week. Now for the good stuff. Are you ready for one of the most AWESOME giveaways * to ever hit the blogosphere? Well, hold on to your seat because two lucky I Have Run readers are going to be sporting some new Ink N Burn arm sleeves very soon. HIS HERS A third lucky winner will have the honor of wearing a red Ink N Burn

Things I Love Thursday - A Chance of Snow

I have all sorts of things I'm loving right now. My baby girl asleep on my lap is one of them. The fact that she is there because she is so congested she sleeps better upright, not so much. Our new desktop computer is another one. The fact that we finally bought it because our old desktop died a few years ago (yes, you read that right, years ) and STILL has a number of photos on it from the first year of The Princess's life on it that were never backed up, not so much. My back is much, much better is is yet another thing I love. The fact that last Thursday was the last time I ran, not so much. And toward the top of my love list, the possibility of snow, which means I will have a chance to wear these on my run tomorrow: Have you figured out my upcoming giveaway yet ??


When I got out of bed Monday morning, my back hurt. Bad . Like when I kept dislocating my ribs from coughing while pregnant bad . Or like the pain from the car accident that resulted in over a year of physical therapy bad . And I had no idea why. I can't remember doing anything. I suffered through the day. I hoped since it just appeared all of a sudden, maybe it would disappear just as quickly. Yesterday, getting out of bed was much easier. And less painful. And this morning was even better. Today the pain has eased up enough that I can now pinpoint the center of the pain. Still not sure what happened or why it hurts, but I'm good with not knowing as long as it gets a little better every day. The point of all that information: I haven't been running. And it has been hard. I had a plan. I was excited for my plan. My plan is in the toilet. I have a 15K on Saturday. It might end up being flushed as well. But that hasn't stopped me from sporting my latest fashion accessorie

His & Hers (and a winner)

I really wish I had a free entry to give to every single one of you who entered my South Valley Half Marathon giveaway. But since I don't, the one person I get to meet on August 20 th is: Chris Chris Whitney Whitney Ali A li Ali Tink T ink Kellie Kellie Jen Jen Farrah Lurel Halls Halls Michelle Michelle Maria Maria Maria Maria Whitney, email me at so I can get your free entry to you. And the rest of you, please come run with me anyway! And don't worry, you don't actually have to run with me. Just be sure to wave as you pass. Registration is only $39 until April 1st, so head over right NOW and sign up to run it! And let me know if you are going to run, so we can put together a blogger meet-up for everyone. It will be awesome. And as a consolation to the non-winners, I have another giveaway coming up later this week that I am so, so, SO excited to announce. If you pay attention the next few days, you just might figure out what's coming. Seriously

Things I Love Thursday - EMZ

I actually had a big long post about how my dishwasher broke and my Thursday is so busy, but I decided there was something much more important to talk about today. I love things easily. My Thursday posts are proof of that. I love my dishwasher. I love some of your blog posts. I love running. I love the cookie I am eating right now. People, not so easily. I openly love my immediate family. I have no problem telling my girls, husband, mom, dad, brothers and sister I love them. Beyond that, I am somewhat greedy with my I love yous. Even in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles have to work harder to earn a Candice "I love you." There's a woman from church that tells me she loves me after our weekly meetings, and it actually makes me quite uncomfortable. With all that said, the first thing I thought when I finished this post today was "I love you EMZ." Not in a crazy stalker blogger kind of way. In a you amaze me and people should mind their own business and I have neve

Be My Valentine...come run with me

This morning my three Valentines worked together to allow me to sleep until 7:30. Valentine's Day made. After I finally rolled out of bed, my girls got their Valentine's surprises, followed by pink heart pancakes. Then while The Princess partied it up at preschool, Bean and I took advantage of the amazing weather with an outside run. I couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Upper 40s, sunshine and a light breeze. Capris and a long-sleeve shirt (that could have easily been replaced by short sleeves and arm warmers). The ear covering headband came off after a mile, and the gloves never left their spot in the stroller. If there is somewhere that has weather like this year-round, I want to live there. Can you imagine racing in that kind of weather? Too good to be true. But maybe I'll get lucky with a few of my upcoming races. And speaking of upcoming races, who wants to run the South Valley Half Marathon with me? If you just screamed "me, me, me" at your c

Playing Nice

It's Friday night, which means it's time to award RUNNERD stickers! All the runnerd giveaway ideas were great, but I finally narrowed it down to three: Redhead Morgan for her nerdiest picture idea (tied with) Jogging with Fiction 's idea to submit a picture showing why you are the biggest runnerd Kiesha 's idea for the Top 10 Reasons to Be a Runnerd (Letterman style) (Winners: please send your sticker preference and address info to .) I'm not sure which idea I will go with for another sticker giveaway, but never fear. Once I figure out how to set it up so you can purchase a sticker on my blog through PayPal, they'll be available to all runnerds everywhere. I spent several hours trying to figure out how to do set it up, but Blogger and PayPal weren't playing nice. If anyone is more computer savvy than I obviously am not, please help!! Otherwise, you'll just have to wait with bated breath while I try to figure out what the heck I'

Things I Love Thursday - Warm Toes

Yesterday I went skiing with my Princess. And she wasn’t too far off when she told her teacher she would probably be “better than Mom.” It was fun to see how much she has learned and how fearless she is. It was also entertaining to listen to her observations and questions. She informed me that she is better than me at skiing because I have only been skiing one other time. This observation was apparently based on the fact that she knows I haven’t been skiing since she was born and she has only seen one picture of me skiing. I cleared things up. I don’t think it made much difference in her opinion on who was the better skier though. She also asked me why my skis and ski boots aren’t “cool and pretty like Miss Cheryl’s” (her ski instructor). I didn’t really have an explanation for that. Then she wanted to know what I had on underneath my ski pants and coat. Specifically. So on one of our rides up the lift, she got details about each of my layers. Layers that were almost all running clothe

FANATIC: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion

Don't worry my runnerd friends. If you don't get your hands on a RUNNERD sticker this go round, there are plenty of opportunities still to come. And to maintain my own runnerd status, I have added a race to my schedule: the South Valley Half Marathon . I am skipping the Hobble Creek Half after experiencing the past two years of late starts and poor planning, so I was looking for an August race. The South Valley Half is the perfect answer. The course starts up a canyon and ends in a housing community that is vaguely Stepford Wifey, in all the best ways. The race is chip timed, there are pacers, and it has plenty of aid stations. What more could a girl ask for in a half? Now I just need to find a half on to put on my race schedule in July, and I can become a Half Fanatic . Or maybe not.

Stick it to me

It's a big day. Not because I got a short 3.3 miles in this morning in spite of a sore hamstring I pulled during my afternoon pre-Super Bowl cooking session. Yes, I hurt it when reaching for something while making Muddy Buddies, not while running or doing some hard core strength training. The hammie survived and feels much better. But still, not why it's a big day. It's because.................................................they're here! RUNNERD stickers are here. And they are awesome. Thanks to . Wanna see them????? Here they are: The bottom is a transparent car decal with white print. The top two are square bumper sticker quality stickers. One is black print/white background; the other black print/pink background (the white around the edge is the paper backing, not part of the sticker) . Wanna know how to get one? Here are two easy ways: Suggest a great idea for another RUNNERD sticker giveaway. Leave your idea in a comment. You must be a "followe

Things I Love Thursday - Millie

My happy action shot during seven miles on the 'mill today I figure enough people have the Redhead's "Three Things Thursday" covered, so I decided to start my own little weekly (or every other week...only time will tell) Thursday special. So when I decided to talk about things I love, and yes I will try to keep them mostly running related, I couldn't start with anything other than Millie. Yep, I named my treadmill. I decided I spend enough time with her and she has been such a good friend that she at least deserves a name. I thought about going with Miller so I could announce that it's "Miller Time" whenever I was going for a treadmill run, but I decided against it. Not just because I don't drink, but also because I can just imagine the other preschool moms asking me what exactly we do during "Miller Time" at our house. And this would most certainly happen because when I got a speeding ticket on my way to preschool one morning, it was

Pink Balls and Pity Parties

The previously planning cross training for today - skiing with The Princess after ski school - will no longer be happening. As much as I was looking forward to seeing my girl's skiing skills, I wasn't looking forward to doing it in temps in the teens. Apparently the ski instructors must have felt the same or someone higher up was smart enough to realize a bunch of frozen little kids would not have been happy learners, so ski school was cancelled. Or more correctly, postponed. So there will be a run once lunch has digested. While I wait, I figured I would sign my Princess up for soccer. She is going to be on a team with one of her best friends (yes, we learned this year that 4-year-olds do have best friends) . Since I'm not completely sure The Princess knows what soccer IS, it should be interesting. But I figure their uniforms are purple, so it will be all good. Maybe we can even round up some purple cleats and a pink and purple ball. No matter what, as long as she has her