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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Highs and lows of running and a little love...

Half marathon training officially kicked off last week. That meant I had 12 (now 11) weeks of focused running ahead of me. The past two weeks I hit 30 miles. Two weeks ago was my first week hitting the 30 mile mark since last July... before all that stress fracture and torn tendon business made things come to a screeching halt.

I had a spectacular 12 miles the Saturday before training officially kicked off, which was much needed going into this training cycle because I had really been struggling with running up until a few weeks ago. 

I am easing into my speed work paces, so my first interval run last Monday was: warm-up, 1200 X 2 (7:10/mi pace) 800 X 2 (7:00/ mi pace) 400 X 2 (6:50/mi pace) - all with 400 recovery intervals, cool down. Hitting the paces was harder than I expected it to be. Especially on that last 400. And my longer run on Saturday was brutal. My lower legs ached the entire time, which is a new thing. I'm hoping it is caused by something missing from my diet so I'm experimenting with my vitamin and food intake to see if I can get things back to normal.

My stick has been my best friend lately. I find that it gets a little deeper and is more targeted on my trouble spots than my foam roller. Those trouble spots usually being all the muscles on or around my sciatic and my calves and shins, especially the site of my tendon tear. I've decided there must be some serious scar tissue going on where I tore my tendon near my ankle because it gets tight and tender after I run.

And since we're on the subject of things I love lately, one of my favorite non-running items lately is this:

Like my GOOMEE hair bands, it is another effort to keep my hair damage to a minimum. Because of this awesome little compact and brush, I am able to go longer between getting my hair colored. 

And because no favorites are complete without food and drink, you need to try Bai5 if you haven't yet. My favorite is the Costa Rica Clementine.

And I was scared of LĂ„RABARS for the longest time because I didn't think I could like something that had dates as the first ingredient. But they are delicious. And naturally the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is my favorite!

Hope your week is fabulous! And just FYI, I'll be hosting a race giveaway later this week so stop back by soon!


  1. I just finished my bai5 pack, but will be getting another pack on April 4th. You will have to try one of my coconut lime flavors. I will also be getting another pack of Lara bars. We are the same ;) Just not in the running department. I am happy you are getting to run all the races you missed last year because of you lame injury. And if I can't run them WITH you, you better believe I will be at the finish line cheering you on!

  2. Maybe we are more the same in the running department than we think. I'm starting to think my body is rejecting running. =(

  3. Larabars are all we eat. Our favorites are the lemon and apple pie. Perfect to travel with or for Rick to put in his golf bag since they don't melt!! And all natural....gotta love that.


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