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Friday, March 11, 2016

You only turn 10 once. PS - It's Friday!

All of a sudden it has been two weeks. And during that time, my daughter turned 10. Which is a BIG deal. She is clearly and obviously 10 years older, but somehow I don't feel ten years older than the day she was born. In fact, it seems like it just barely happened.

Grace fittingly wanted a gymnastics party. So we first celebrated on the Saturday before her birthday with a friend party. There was  a gymnastics cake, of course. And she made the signs to decorate the table all on her own.

We had the party at her gym. Because where else would you have a gymnastics party?!?

Then on her actual birthday she had to take a picture of the exact time she turned 10. 

And chose Texas Roadhouse for dinner. She was even brave enough to sit on the birthday saddle.

And of course the official birthday has to have cupcakes.

And presents.

Then in true Grace style, she went to bed in tears because she doesn't want to get older. That kid and change do not mix. So we had a deep talk about focusing on all the good from her birthday celebrations and thinking about all the positive things there are about getting older. She's still working on that one...

Speaking of positive are some funnies to make you smile on this glorious Friday:

Sometimes true. Especially when I try to make it myself. 


True story.

I'm the first. Please don't mistake me for the second.

Just ask my girls.


  1. Best bday party ever. You are such an amazing mama and I just love sweet Grace. Also, I'm going to call you in the morning. You better answer;) LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Change is hard. I hear you Grace. Once upon a time janae called me and I answered and it was akward. So I only hope she was kidding in her comment ;)


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