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Thursday, September 15, 2016

My new gig and a marathon

So about that other gig I started. I am now teaching elementary school PE part time. It is not at my girls' school, so adding that to my plate three days a week has been interesting. But we're adjusting, and things are starting to fall into a routine.

I do feel busier, but it is manageable. I'm even getting my workouts and runs in, although some days it definitely takes more planning than it used to.

Speaking of runs. I had a little 26.2 adventure this past Saturday, running the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I felt pretty good mentally, but a week before the race my plantar fasciitis on my left foot really flared up and I could hardly put pressure on my foot. After a few days of icing, stretching and resting, I decided to try an oral steroid to see if that would get it to the point where I felt comfortable attempting a marathon; by Friday it felt quite a bit better.

Little did I know that while it was helping my foot, it would completely destroy my stomach during the race. I felt really good the first eight miles and walked through the first few aid stations to drink water. At mile eight, I took some salt tablets to stay ahead of any dehydration issues.

Within a few minutes of taking them, my stomach started cramping and feeling nauseous. I still tried to drink at least a little water at the aid stations, but my stomach didn't want anything in it and got progressively worse. I didn't even attempt any GU or more salt tabs.

Within a few miles of where I would see my family for the first time, I tried a little Powerade but threw it right up. The other two times I tried Powerade later, I puked it right back up as well.

About mile 18, I saw my family and broke down. I told Scott I felt so sick and didn't know what to do. But I had already told myself that if Grace would run with me for a bit, I would keep going. She quickly agreed, and we headed off on the out and back, which is about four miles.

We walked whenever she needed a break, but she was a little trooper. There were times I knew she was struggling, but I could tell she was pushing herself to go further than her little body wanted to go. She would pick a spot and we would run until we got there before taking a walk break. I couldn't have made it through that stretch without her.

When we got back to where Scott and Ellie were, I told them I would get myself to the finish and would see them there. I tried running as much as I could, but there was a lot of walking. At one point a pacer talked me into running with their group, so I did for a bit. But my stomach and body were fighting every step.

By that point I was dehydrated, getting the chills and not sweating at all, so I just focused on moving as fast (or slow) as my body would let me. A mile or so before the finish, I saw Megan Dinsdale, which gave me the boost I needed to get to that finish line. If you ever have a friend like Megan, you are very lucky indeed. I literally pray in gratitude for her on the regular. She got me through that last mile and then darted off to the side as I headed into the finishing chute.

Apparently my brain was working about as well as my body at that point and I didn't get any pictures of me with my family or with Megan. Double lame.

I spent the rest of Saturday on the couch and my bed, and I was finally able to eat food without my stomach completely rebelling and cramping up on Tuesday.

It was a rough race, but I am glad I finished. I gave it all my body had and a little bit more. Now I am focused on being healthy physically and mentally and am looking forward to whatever I decide to do next in my little running life...


  1. Well now that just made me tear up, which isn't easy to do. But the feeling is mutual and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are an amazing friend and your determination and strength (in this marathon and in so many other areas) alwas inspires me. I am glad you are starting to feel better. I hope things are back to normal soon!

  2. Wow, Candice...just wow. I am in complete awe of how you pushed through and I know how blessed you are with such an amazing family and friends to support you (that Megan D sounds pretty much like such a wonderful friend)! I hope you are recovering OK (how is your foot?!?). And have fun with the new job! Sounds pretty fabulous (in my next life I want to teach elementary school kids...but not PE--I would love to teach them art). Those kids are lucky to have such a strong, inspiring example to lead them. Take care, girl. xo

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